Smartwatch to Use Designer NFTs as User Interface

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Watch Skins brings wearable NFTs to the market

Watch Skins is a new, upcoming marketplace for wearable NFTs, aimed at disrupting multiple industries at once, including the smartwatch industry. Adoption of NFTs will skyrocket once people can wear them and use them in their everyday lives. Smartwatch owners check their watch 80 times per day, so they might as well look at something far more personal. 

People customize and personalize everything. Think about your computer desktop, smartphone menu, or maybe your smartwatch. Watch Skins taps into this need and will add NFTs into the mix. Smartphones and watches can soon be customized using a unique NFT that reacts to for example time or the weather.

With Watch Skins, NFTs become items people can use in their everyday life. No longer do NFTs have to sit idle in a wallet, but people can wear them on their wrist. The interesting thing about these wearable NFTs is that they are limited in supply and are actually, verifiable limited edition items. This puts them in line with custom designer sneakers or limited edition Chanel bags.  

Demand for ways to showcase NFTs is definitely on the rise. Within virtual worlds, collectors are building exhibitions and museums, and a variety of companies have stepped into the NFT market- even Sotheby’s has opened their office inside Decentraland. 

Watch Skins launches Crypto Watches

The team behind Watch Skins will also launch their own brand Crypto Watches. These watches allow users to use branded or licensed artworks as their smartwatch interface. They will regularly sell new NFTs, including time-limited and exclusive limited editions. Watch Skins will use a smartphone app where users can keep their assets, buy new ones or sell on the secondary market. 

The app will offer a whole lot more functionality, as it will also allow users to customize their watch interface or trade with other collectors. The customization options however are arguably the most interesting. These will allow users to add different building blocks to the NFT-powered watch interface. 

It will also allow users to receive notifications through a branded Watch Skin NFT. This would allow brands to for example push discounts at orders from an online shop or live scores and news from a sports team.

Different from general NFT market

Many of the NFTs sold on the open market right now, are either artworks or game items. These game items players can use in different games, which provide utility. However, the biggest market right now is in NFT art and generative NFT avatars. Bluntly spoken, these are JPEGs with proven scarcity on the blockchain, but are merely static images. 

That’s also how Watch Skins NFTs for a smartwatch are different. These NFT-powered watch interfaces can be customized in a variety of ways to become a part of your outfit, and integrate into your everyday life. According to research the average owner of an Apple Watch checks their wrist 80 times per day, and with Watch Skins it’s something that’s uniquely yours thanks to NFT technology on the blockchain. 

Take a look at the Watch Skins website. If you want to learn more about NFTs, then please continue to read on DappRadar.

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