Sloppy Bees NFTs Come to Life in Tower Defense Game

sloppy bees nft tower defense game

NFT holders get a say in game development

Sloppy Bees isn’t just another generative PFP collection, but instead creates a bee community to build an action-packed tower defense game together. NFT holders will earn POLLEN, get a say in the game’s development and will be the proud owner of a unique hand-drawn Sloppy Bee. 

The NFT market is filled with projects promising the next metaverse, but Sloppy Bees wants to keep things real. They want to offer a realistic roadmap and build something that’s actually doable, together with the Sloppy Bees community. The presale will start on Tuesday, December 21th with a 35% discount, limited to 3 per wallet. At the public sale on the 23th the NFTs will cost 0.09 ETH and there’s a maximum of 10 per wallet. 

These Sloppy Bee NFTs come with all kinds of crazy outfits. The designers made more than 180 hand-drawn assets, bringing lots of variety to the bees. NFT holders don’t only get a cool bee, but gain access to both the alpha and beta test versions of the upcoming tower defense game. In addition, there will be a surprise drop. 

Sloppy Bee Good

The Sloppy Bees NFT collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated NFT profile pictures, made up out of the 180+ earlier mentioned traits. Some look tough, others look friendly or like stoners. Every bee comes with accessories, different mouths, wings, hats, clothes, skins, eyes, backgrounds, and so on. There are even some very unique exotic Sloppy Bees, clearly inspired by pop culture. 

Based on the traits each Sloppy Bee NFT gets a rarity score. This score will influence how much POLLEN it generates. Pollen? No, POLLEN, the game token that powers the Sloppy Bees future and will bring some fun to the community. 

Sloppy Bee hommage to Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman… a.k.a. Gordon Beeman?

POLLEN for all bees

NFT holders will earn POLLEN every day. They can then use those POLLEN tokens to acquire extra NFTs. The distribution of POLLEN will start on the mint date and will last 4 years. The team also promises to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges. Ultimately POLLEN will become the game’s currency as well, while players also need POLLEN to mint second generation bees.

Before the Sloppy Bees PVP tower defense game will launch, the team will unite the community through various fun activities. There will be a $160,000 Christmas giveaway for those who hold 5 or more Sloppy Bees, while people with a small amount of NFTs can win extra ones. In addition the team will use POLLEN to organize game or poker tournaments, making the community a fun experience for all involved.

How does the Tower Defense game work?

The Sloppy Bees team wants to begin development on the tower defense game when the NFT collection has sold out. They will use the funds from the NFT sale to involve the community in naming the game, creating the lore, artwork and so on. 

However, there is already a vision for the game. The unnamed tower defense game will be playable on both PC and mobile devices. Game rounds will take 10 to 30 minutes depending on the game mode, while players can either play 1v1 matches or team up for 3v3 battles. 

In good old tower defense fashion, the game will let players place towers to defend their base. Depending on the attacking units, some defenses will work better than others. Players can earn POLLEN by sending their units into battle. In addition, there will be a ranked PVP mode where players put tokens on the table as well, and the winner will take it all. 

Curious about Sloppy Bees? Check out the official website and join their Discord to enter the beehive and stay in the know.

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