SKALE Boosts Ecosystem Expansion with a $100 Million Incentive Program

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The program kicks off with a $5 million grant dedicated to blockchain gaming dapps

To accelerate its network expansion, SKALE launched a $100 million value ecosystem incentive program. SKALE is an open-source, gasless, and decentralized multichain network that aims to provide a high-performance blockchain ecosystem to billions of users. 


  • The SKALE Network is a modular, Ethereum native, Solidity-supported, containerized, multichain network that allows developers to provide their users with the ultimate dapp experience with no gas fees.
  • The SKALE Innovator Program helps developers build and kick off their projects.
  • SKALE also launched the $100 million Ecosystem Incentive Program, of which the $5 million SKALE MP Grant Program is dedicated to blockchain gaming.

Entering the second quarter of 2022, the crypto community’s anticipation of Ethereum 2.0 could potentially reintroduce a DeFi summer. Crypto users expect the upgrade to provide a more affordable and user-friendly Ethereum experience. However, at the same time, “Ethereum takes all” is no longer the case since users have started exploring different blockchains that offer various features and cater to their specific needs.

In response to such a competitive landscape, SKALE introduced a network of blockchains that is completely interoperable and compatible with Ethereum. Furthermore, SKALE has laid out a robust network expansion plan with the launch of a $100 million ecosystem incentive program,

Become an Innovator and SKALE up 

SKALE Network proposes a pragmatic solution to promote the mass adoption of Web3. Specifically, it provides purpose-focused, various-sized SKALE chains to support different businesses and projects. Each SKALE chain makes up the SKALE ecosystem and is secured by both SKALE and Ethereum. Furthermore, each individual chain supports up to 2,000 transactions per second. Additionally, the network features full EVM compatibility with faster commit time and gasless transactions. Moreover, full Solidity language support allows engineers familiar with the Ethereum development environment to kick off their projects immediately.

Thanks to SKALE’s outstanding infrastructure design and next-gen blockchain technology, developers can enjoy its effectiveness as a high-throughput execution layer for dapps, protocols, and other crypto-based projects. As a result, many projects already favor SKALE’s ecosystem for the ultimate dapp user experience. 

Initial launch partners of SKALE include Covey, CurioDAO,, Solydaria, and 360NFT. These dapps use their own application-specific SKALE chains, breathing new life into blockchain-based projects. Developers hoping to start an ambitious blockchain plan with SKALE can easily sign up for the SKALE Innovator Program. The SKALE Innovator Program brings many benefits to developers including grants, engineering support, investor introductions, and more, allowing developers to grow together with SKALE’s ever-expanding ecosystem. 

SKALE kicked off the $100M Incentive Program with $5M dedicated to blockchain gaming 

Apart from incubating projects through the Innovator Program, SKALE also launched the Ecosystem Incentive Program to accelerate the expansion of SKALE’s ecosystem and rapidly increase the onboarding of applications and projects.

The Ecosystem Incentive Program aims to invite high-quality dapps and projects to join the SKALE Network with $100 million to power up projects’ development progress. As a kick-off for the program, SKALE firstly introduced a $5 million value grant, the SKALE MP Program, to fuel the blockchain gaming boom.

Blockchain gaming

SKALE Blockchain Gaming Grant Program 

Games continue to dominate the blockchain industry, accounting for 50.5% of the industry’s connected wallets, according to DappRadar Industry Report. Notably, SKALE Network strives to help blockchain games optimize their user experience, handling high throughput with gasless transactions and fast finality. What’s more, SKALE wants to empower the blockchain gaming developer community with a $5 million grant. 

The so-called SKALE MP Program will offer grants to developers of blockchain gaming, play-to-earn (P2E), and metaverse projects. The SKALE team coined the program’s title MP referencing the gaming term Magic Points (or Mana Points). As known to all gamers, it is a precious resource to power up a player’s in-game character to compete against others. The competition in the blockchain gaming sector is fiercer than ever before, and developers can now apply for the SKALE MP Program to SKALE up their gaming projects now.

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