How to Play, Earn and Win in Shatterpoint

how to play and win shatterpoint

The mobile free-to-own RPG where you can guide your Hero through trials and battles

Shatterpoint is part of the new generation of blockchain games that are accessible, high quality and aim to onboard new users into Web3. It’s a battling RPG with fun graphics and plenty of game modes to keep every gamer interested.


What is Shatterpoint?

The mobile game Shatterpoint operates on a Free-to-Play, Free-to-Own model and offers a skill-based action RPG experience. In this game, players engage in battles through the Player vs Environment campaign and skirmish modes to acquire experience points. 

As players earn more experience points, they unlock new traits for their Hero character. In addition to gaining experience, players must collect Equipment to boost their combat stats and unlock various Hero ability combinations.

In the game players will get through seasons, and at the end of the game season always comes The Shattering. During that moment all game characters will be reset, but players will be able to extract some of their rewards as NFTs. This will give them an edge in a new season. 

Furthermore, Shatterpoint features Player vs Player Arenas where players compete against each other to win rewards, including in-game resources, NFTs, and improved leaderboard rank. The game is developed by Estoty and BlockGames and built on the Polygon network.

Check out Shatterpoint gameplay

How to get started in the game

  1. Download Shatterpoint to your mobile, using the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and make an account using your email address
  3. To participate in the Closed Alpha, you’ll need a Founder Hero or be one of the testers who applied early. You can buy a Founder Hero from your secondary marketplace of choice. You’ll need to load up your wallet with MATIC to purchase it. For example, find them on Magic Eden and OpenSea.

Being a mobile game, Shatterpoint has simple step-by-step instructions when you start playing.

What are Challenges in Shatterpoint?

Challenges are the sole in-game source of Quantus Dust, which can be spent on various activities, including gear repair, unlocking Traits, Rune engraving, merging, and purchasing Utility Boxes. Additionally, some Weekly Challenges award players with a random common rarity Rune as a reward.

How to play Shatterpoint campaign?

Players can further the overall Campaign progress and unlock new Worlds by completing Campaign Chapters. In each Chapter, they encounter enemies, discover equipment chests, and must finish the main Quest to progress. Optional Quests are also available to gain more Experience. These campaigns and the opponents you find in them, get more challenging as you progress. Players need to improve their skills and level up their Hero and their gear in order to beat the strongest enemies.

Shatterpoint’s Closed Alpha began in Feburary

Campaign Chapters provide a relatively safe environment for players to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics. Some of the Chapters and World Bosses drop Portal Keys, which players can collect to venture into new unexplored Worlds.

Is Shatterpoint a competitive PVP game?

Even though Shatterpoint can be played perfectly without the need to dive into the Player vs Player modes, PVP actually is the core mode in Shatterpoint. PVP offers a best-of-5 arena team deathmatch, with three players in each team. There are also additional 1v1 and 2v2 brackets available.

Initially, the matchmaking system is based on a combination of the player’s Power Potential (a calculation of their total gear level) and their Win/Loss ratio.

Starting with the Open Beta, Shatterpoint uses an ELO rating system to improve matchmaking accuracy. In ranked PvP, players can wager their Quantus resource, and the winner(s) receive all the resources wagered, paying only a negligible Arena fee. This fee acts as a deflationary mechanism.

What is Skirmish?

Skirmish Levels offer an endless source of gameplay, mainly focused on collecting gear from defeated mobs. Any items collected during Skirmish Levels can be immediately equipped from the inventory screen.

These levels are entirely optional and do not further the main Campaign, but can provide players with additional sources of experience points and equipment. Skirmish ultimately is a convenient way to make your character stronger.

How to make your characters stronger?

In Shatterpoint, equipment plays a vital role in enhancing the strength of Heroes. A variety of affixes are available, enabling players to boost their primary stats or modify their gameplay experience.

By combining equipment sets and abilities, players can tailor their characters to suit their unique play style. Each item in the game has three different grades and three different rarities, with Legendary items being a special case.

Shatterpoint inventory

Regardless of the type of equipment, players have a range of options available to them to improve their Heroes’ abilities and optimize their gameplay experience.

Types of Equipment:

  • Weapons: do damage and come as swords, knives, spears and crossbows.
  • Armor: protects players from attack.
  • Legendary: Equipment: special effects and bonuses.

What is The Shattering?

Every Monday at 12 pm UTC, the universe collapses in on itself in The Shattering, resetting all Hero levels to their introductory levels. The phenomenon allows existing players to keep their Runes and game resources, while collected equipment is dismantled into Equipment Shards. This gives them an advantage over new players.

The Shattering allows the universe to recreate itself at the beginning of each season, providing new enemies, campaign modes, and larger worlds to explore.

After each Shattering, exclusive rewards are given to players who hold top ranks on the PvP leaderboard. These rewards include in-game resources, on-chain Heroes and Runes, Tournament passes, and more.

What digital items can players own as NFTs?

Shatterpoint incorporates various ownable digital game items, each of them an NFT on the blockchain. Players can win or craft these items on the Polygon blockchain. In total there are three types of items:

  1. Heroes
  2. Runes
  3. Cosmetics

We will discuss these three below.


In the game world, player avatars are known as Heroes. Each Hero begins with distinct Base Stats, which can be modified by in-game Equipment and Traits.

NFT Heroes maintain their level even after a Season ends, while non-NFT Heroes have their level reset to 1. Players have the option to own an infinite amount of Heroes but can only use one at a time.


To activate the equipment abilities associated with a specific Rune, it is necessary to engrave it using Quantus Dust. The game stores all Runes on-chain as NFTs. 

The success rate of Rune engraving is variable, with the probability of success decreasing as the Rune’s rarity increases. The Rune’s rarity determines the amount of space available for Rune engraving. 

There are three different levels of rarity for Runes:

Rune rarities

Runes become more influential, expansive and potent the more uncommon they are.

To create a new Rune of higher rarity, players can merge two fully engraved Runes with the same rarity. The merging process destroys both completed Runes, generating a new one at random with varying numbers of slots and ability enhancements. 

However, Runes that are not fully engraved or not engraved at all cannot be used for merging. It is essential to keep in mind that the outcome of the merging process is entirely random.

Cosmetic Items

During Seasons, players have the opportunity to acquire on-chain (NFT) skins and accessories for their Heroes or equipment. Unlike other in-game items, these skins and accessories do not alter gameplay in any way, but rather provide players with a cosmetic enhancement for their gameplay experience.

Choose Your Hero!

These items are often only available during specific seasonal events or content updates, and can add an extra level of enjoyment and customization for players who enjoy personalizing their in-game characters or equipment. 

While they may not have a direct impact on gameplay mechanics, these skins and accessories can still provide a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity to players who collect them.

How is Shatterpoint using Free-to-Own?

Shatterpoint is one of the gaming platforms working within the concept of both Free-to-Play and Free-to-Own models. Free-to-own involves providing players with the chance to create valuable digital assets within a game economy without any cost. These assets exist as NFTs, granting players complete ownership of the digital assets they obtain for free.

It requires skill and player experience to progress and rank highly in the game. Shatterpoint has a strong focus on the Free-to-Play and Play & Own business models that facilitate a player-owned game economy. All players have the opportunity to enhance their gameplay experience by upgrading to an NFT Hero and acquiring NFT Runes or NFT cosmetics through in-game achievements. 

While players can still buy, sell, and trade these assets with other players, the game does not endorse unsustainable, short-lived models such as Play-to-Earn and Pay-to-Win.

How to earn QUA tokens?

The Shatterpoint game offers an infinite-supply in-game resource called Quantus Dust for players to use in various activities.

How to get QUA

Players can obtain Quantus Dust in several ways while playing the game. They can unlock a diverse range of achievements by showcasing their skills and dedication, and receive various benefits including QUA.

Daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges are also available to all players, offering opportunities to earn Quantus Dust and motivating them to engage in both PvE and PvP modes. 

Additionally, players can compete in Tournaments and Special Events to win Quantus Dust. They can also participate in Wagered PvP Fights by betting their Quantus Dust, or compete in a variety of PvP modes. The winners will then split the prize pool.

What’s on the Shatterpoint Roadmap?

The Shatterpoint roadmap is long and winding. Much has been achieved and the team has plenty of plans for future updates, milestones, launches and surprises.

Here’s what the Shatterpoint developers achieved in late 2022, and what’s coming up in the future:

  • Q4 2022 – Founder Hero NFT Collection
  • Q1 2023 – Closed Alpha
  • Q2 2023 – Open Beta (limited regions)
  • Q3 2023 – Shatterpoint V1.0 Launch, All Gameplay Modes, Web Marketplace Launch
  • Q4 2023 – Shatterpoint V2.0 Launch, Tournament and Events

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