Seth Green Pauses Movie Production After His Bored Ape Got Stolen

Seth Green Pauses Movie Production After His Bored Ape Got Stolen
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BAYC #8398 was supposed to be the main character in “White Horse Tavern”

Actor and producer Seth Green faces a serious struggle after getting scammed and losing his Bored Ape #8398. The NFT was supposed to play a significant role in Green’s upcoming production “White Horse Tavern”. Unfortunately, as he’s no longer the owner of the NFT, he has also lost the rights over the intellectual property, meaning he cannot use the imagery for free. 


  • Seth Green has been working on the “White Horse Tavern” for over ten months now, and BAYC #8398 is the main character
  • Unfortunately, Green fell victim to a phishing scam. He lost four of his NFTs, including the Bored Ape featured in the upcoming movie
  • The producer now faces serious challenges. The new owner of the NFT does not respond to his request for a chat to sort out the IP rights issue
  • A debate over ownership and legal procedures has sparked on Twitter, with some saying Green is the one to blame for being careless

What is the “White Horse Tavern” project?

Seth Green joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club family in July last year. He received Bored Ape #8398 from Steve Aoki, and quickly got to exploring the IP rights of his new NFT. Green started working on a major production incorporating the designs and artwork of the NFTs in his portfolio. 

In the recently released teaser, fans can see BAYC #8398 in a major role. The ape portrays the bartender at White Horse Tavern. The teaser video also shows cameos of NFTs from other collections, including Feline Friendz, Gutter Cat Gang, and VeeFriends. The clip also reveals that Gary Vee himself will make an appearance in the upcoming production. 

Seth Green got scammed

While the production of the White Horse Tavern movie was underway, Seth Green faced an unexpected hurdle. He connected his wallet to a fake Gutter Cat Gang website and got scammed out of four of his NFTs. Green lost BAYC #8398, two MAYC NFTs, and Doodles #7546. Unfortunately, losing BAYC #8398 means Seth Green no longer owns the IP rights to the design. This, in turn, means that he can no longer use BAYC #8398 in White Horse Tavern.

seth green

The actor and producer quickly turned to Twitter to try and communicate with the new owner of the stolen NFT. While this wallet initially stole the collectible from Green’s wallet, it was later sold for 106.5 ETH to a user called DarkWing84. DarkWing84 has not yet responded to Seth Green’s outreaches at the time of writing.

Consequently, the producer is now looking into ways to get his NFT back legally. However, the underregulated crypto space proves to be challenging when it comes to theft. The crypto community has now come together, bringing up various opinions on the topic. 

Following Seth Green’s ordeal and the BAYC #8398 theft, numerous NFT enthusiasts turned to Twitter to express their views on the matter. While most users are compassionate and share, some are saying that this is a prime example of a lack of personal security and education on Green’s part. 

seth green

Other users point out that there must be a legal way out of the situation as a thief cannot be considered a purchaser or owner of any rights for BAYC #8398.

seth green

It remains to be seen whether DarkWing84 will get in touch with Seth Green and resolve the situation without a legal battle. However, if this does not happen, Green is prepared to take the matter to court. 

A few useful tips to stay safe in crypto

Seth Green’s case is just another example of how important it is to know how to stay safe and protect your assets in the crypto and NFT spaces. Check out the useful resources below to learn the best ways to protect yourself and your crypto wallet. 

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