Seedify NFT Space: A Marketplace Tailored for Metaverse Citizens and Gamers

Seedify introduces its newest master product targeting NFT gaming sector

Seedify is introducing a more vertical-focused NFT marketplace targeting metaverse citizens and gamers. NFTs are altering how we appreciate, evaluate and consume assets, investments, arts and collectibles. The usage scenarios of NFTs are increasing to meet the different needs. In response to such market trends, Seedify NFT Space will cater solely to the needs of the NFT gaming sector. 

Revealed in a DappRadar report, non-fungible token (NFT) transactions generated $25 billion in 2021, a whopping 18,414% increase compared to the four previous years combined. NFT marketplaces have become the hubs where creators, collectors and investors gather to share and trade NFTs. 

NFTs also alter how we appreciate, evaluate and consume assets, arts and collectibles. The usage scenarios of NFTs will always increase to meet the needs of different users. In response to such market trends, Seedify is introducing a more vertical-focused NFT marketplace targeting specific user groups, those metaverse users and gamers. 

An NFT Marketplace for games and the metaverse 

Currently, there are 40 gaming products launched with Seedify’s incubator and launchpad platform, each offering unique gameplay. As the metaverse gamer community expands continuously, countless interconnected use-cases, multiverse integrations and sophisticated applications will continue to emerge.

The existing NFT marketplaces often provide a mixture of all different NFT categories. As a result, it is difficult to achieve a high degree of customization in terms of user experience for a specific market segment. According to the 2021 DappRadar Industry Report, games represent 51% of the industry’s usage, while DeFi accounts for 37%, as of the time of the report. Gamers make up a large part of blockchain users, and their user behaviors and preferences are fundamentally different from others.

To deal with this problem, Seedify NFT Space will feature an innovative NFT marketplace that caters solely to the needs of metaverse citizens and gamers. Apart from its streamlined user experience and seamless user interface, Seedify NFT Space will also adopt a lower transaction fee in response to the high frequency of transactions in the gaming world.  

More than an NFT Marketplace

Seedify, with its vision to become the gateway of blockchain gaming, will introduce an NFT marketplace to better equip creators as well as to empower the creator economy. All the features of the marketplace are tailored to the user journey of these target user groups.

A Kickstarter-like crowdfunding mechanics 

This function is designed to benefit creators, gamers and collectors at the same time. On one hand, if users decide to pre-purchase or fund collections before the project goes public, the user, or the sponsor in this case, can guarantee themselves a pre-mint spot. On the other hand, this mechanic provides additional options to support and launch new NFT collections.

An auto-launch function

Seedify provides launchpads that are available to creators and projects along with marketing support, advisory and industry partners. The go-to-market ready network of Seedify’s launchpads will escort creators and projects into a smooth release.

An incentive mechanic  

Seedify NFT Space marketplace also incorporates a fairly designed rewarding mechanism into its system, with 50% of the marketplace fees being injected into the RNG NFT prize pool.

Every transaction a user makes on the marketplace will give them an equal opportunity to win an NFT prize through an RNG mechanism. In order to incentivize trading behavior more fairly and effectively, users with larger transaction volumes can get rewarded more generously, for example, with rarer NFT drops. 

The token economy and upcoming airdrop

Seedify’s native token, SFUND, connects gamers and collectors with creators and project owners. One of the most important utilities of SFUND is to crowdfund creators and collections. Also, SFUND allows users to experience the functions on Seedify’s IGO, INO and IMO Launchpads.

In addition, Seedify is introducing a new platform token, SNFTS, to its ecosystem. With SNFTS users can access 1% marketplace fees versus 2% when using other tokens. In addition SNFTS offers increased RNG (Random Number Generators) rates to receive rarer NFT rewards drops. The Seedify team will create a treasury of SNFTS to fund future collaborations, marketing and project expansions.

Seedify will not offer any SNFTS tokens for sale. Instead, the tokens will be airdropped to SFUND token holders on a 20 to 1 basis (SNFTS to SFUND). Strategic snapshots taken over the course of five weeks will determine the number of tokens each holder will receive. OpenSea users and wallets holding certain blue-chip NFTs, such as JRNT Club and Neo Tokyo Citizens, will also get a chance to participate in the airdrop.

The team will be sharing more information about Seedify NFT Space over the next few days, as Seedify strives to build a platform that fully supports and drives innovation in the blockchain gaming and the metaverse ecosystems.

SNFTS Airdrop Schedule Snapshot 

Quick Guide on Airdrop Participation

For each SFUND in skate or farm, users can receive 20 SNFTS. There are 5 choices available for the period of time for staking, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.

1. Purchase SFUNDs (available on Pancakeswap,, KuCoin) – More information

2. Stake or farm these SFUNDs – click here  

Click here to learn all the details about Seedify NFT Space.

About Seepify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a full support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain.

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