Secretum Dapp: The Next Messaging Unicorn on Solana


Secretum built on Solana is a unique messaging platform and trading decentralized application

Built on the Solana Blockchain, Secretum is a unique messenger dapp. As the world’s first fully decentralized, encrypted, and secure messenger, it revolutionizes instant messaging. Secretum’s state-of-the-art design also enables the trading of crypto assets, and it’s as easy as sending an SMS.

Secretum is an encrypted messaging and OTC trading dapp built on Solana. It solves issues related to cyber theft, data hacks and personal data risk, as well as cost-effective crypto trading. Secretum puts an end to centralized exchange hacks, cyber-attacks and personal data loss with a sleek and secure blockchain solution.

Secretum is an easy-to-use platform for all crypto wallet owners to trade and communicate with each other. It all happens in a single place offering tangible advantages, including security, speed and cost, over existing trade and messaging platforms. 

Why must we protect our data? 

You may wonder why we need another blockchain to replace existing solutions. It’s a harsh truth to swallow as the facts speak for themselves. Hackers stole the personal data of 500 million Telegram users in August 2020. In 2019, hackers inserted spyware into WhatsApp users’ phones, enabling them to intercept private communications; while the EU’s privacy watchdog fined WhatsApp €255 million for data sharing violations in September 2021. Privacy needs blockchain like the deserts need rain. 

Crucially though, Secretum offers more than just privacy. It’s a one-stop-shop for messaging, crypto trading and even NFT sharing. In fact, by simply inputting your wallet’s public address into the secure platform, you can start chatting with other NFT, Crypto and token holders to make deals. And if the wallet you prefer is not on the platform you can easily swap SER tokens to substitute the NFT or token.

When Secretum Token, Ser?

SER are the tokens that govern the Secretum network. A deflationary token offering governance capabilities, SER token holders can also set up their own nodes. Through holding the token and running a node, SER holders can secure and encrypt their communication. The token presale will be live soon – join the Telegram group or on Twitter to keep up to speed.

With Secretum, there is complete anonymity, no centralized data storage, data transfers, nor moderators and complete end-to-end encryption. That means no censorship, no moderation, and complete user privacy. In fact, Secretum’s benefits are a marked competitive edge over both WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal:

Why build on Solana?

One of crypto’s fastest horses in 2021, the Solana blockchain is booming. Secretum was initially built on Ethereum but transitioned to Solana this year. Solana offers upwards of  60,000 transactions per second and is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in crypto. Plus, Solana’s fees are low or negligible compared with ETH’s tiresome gas fees. 

The Solana ecosystem has been in DappRadar’s scope for some time. It’s no wonder that Secretum upgraded to Solana given the company’s global vision. With rapid block time speeds and over 400 dapps already built on the ecosystem, Secretum is in good company. Read more on DappRadar’s Solana coverage here.

The Scoop

In the world of crypto, dapps and blockchain, we are still very early. But as more and more people become crypto wallet owners, they will seek out solutions like Secretum. Messaging, trading and showing off NFTs should happen under one roof. The trading and messaging capability is a unique miss, the upside of which is exponential. For context, experts estimate that WhatsApp generated between $5 and $10 billion for Facebook in 2020. 

Secretum is therefore positioning itself to serve a market of over 3 billion people. And that’s actually a lowball estimate as Whatsapp and Telegram don’t even offer trading services.

While it’s fair to say that the world is in dire need of a messaging solution safe from hackers, cybercriminals, and government interference, it’s also in need of quicker, cheaper and better connected messaging apps. Built on the fastest-growing blockchain, Solana, Secretum may have solved both those problems.

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