Secretum Brings Data Protection to Messaging and Trading on Solana

Secretum Brings Data Protection to Messaging and Trading on Solana

Your wallet address is all you need – no personal information

By combining both a messaging service and a crypto trading platform, Secretum aims to boost data protection for its users. The Solana-based platform aims to revolutionize the way crypto users interact with each other without compromising privacy and security. 

Personal data is among the most sought-after commodities in our modern digital world. Hackers put immense focus on getting their hands on sets of personal data, because this type of loot pays well. Additionally, as a society, we’re now producing a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That’s plenty of opportunities for ill-motivated actors to try and hack into systems. 

Secretum combines the power of the Solana blockchain with an easy-to-use interface, in order to bring crypto enthusiasts a secure outlet for trading and communication. 

Data is a prime target

As our global society moves to a more digital nature of interacting with each other, we generate huge amounts of data. Some of it, extremely sensitive in nature. Because of this uptick of private data flooding the webspace, malicious actors are now more than ever focusing on stealing this data. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cyber attacks in the UK surged 20% in 2020. Hackers took advantage of the increase in remote working, online communications, and file sharing.
  • The personal data of over 700 million Linkedin users was hacked and put on sale in 2021. This represented 93% of the platform’s total user base.
  • Information related to more than 530 million Facebook users (including phone numbers and names) was hacked and made public in April 2019.

Considering these monstrous data breaches, protecting user information has become a top priority for blockchain developers. The platform is also looking at making online communications, and crypto trading safer through its Solana-based services, and its native token SER. 

Secretum protects your data on Solana

Secretum is the first decentralized, encrypted messaging and OTC trading dapp on the Solana blockchain. Thanks to its blockchain foundation, the platform allows users to stay anonymous and protect their private conversations. Additionally, users can easily perform peer-to-peer transactions of crypto tokens, without the fear of hacker attacks. 

In order to ensure the security of the information shared on the Secretum messaging service, the platform relies on a network of decentralized nodes. To start messaging on Secretum, all you have to do is log in with your crypto wallet address. No personal information shared. The node network then validates your wallet, and you can take advantage of all Secretum functionalities. 

Additionally, the Secretum platform facilitates a direct trading mechanism, allowing addresses to exchange both fungible and non-fungible crypto assets in a second. Thanks to the peer-to-peer model, crypto traders will be able to avoid the fees and congestion. Additionally, liquidity issues common in Centralised (CEX) and Decentralised (DEX) crypto exchanges don’t pose a problem any more.

Thanks to the native SER token, Secretum users will also be able to benefit from a rewards program. App users and content creators will be able to offer premium content on public Secretum channels. This, in turn, will entitle them to rewards in SER.

While Secretum is currently in its early developmental stages, the team is actively working on launching its upcoming SER token sale. DappRadar will continue monitoring Secretum, as it continues to push forward for a more secure communication hub on Solana. 

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