Satoshiverse Satoshi’s Legions Avatars Public Sale Starts on November 28th


Satoshi’s Legions is the first major launch from the Satoshiverse. Its hotly-anticipated NFT avatars known as ‘Legionnaires’ are available to purchase on November 27th.

Renowned Argentinian artist José Delbo and prestigious NFT production studio Apollo NFT Studios announce the minting of highly desirable avatars ‘Satoshi’s Legions’. The avatars are key characters in the Satoshiverse, a comic universe created for the blockchain. These NFT avatars can be used in a wider ecosystem, including a future play-to-earn game, while the 3D models will be able to import into other games and worlds.

The Satoshiverse brings its first public sale to investors’ and collectors’ attention. The much-anticipated play-to-earn game is hosting a sale of 10,000 next-generation avatar NFTs, Satoshi’s Legions on November 28th. ‘Legionnaires’ are 3D animated NFTs that the team at Apollo NFT Studios under guidance by José Delbo meticulously crafted.

The Legionnaires are varied and detailed. Each Legionnaire is a unique 3D render, and every single NFT hails from a city from 100 locations around the world. This style is a first for the NFT space and as result, Satoshi’s Legions are likely to whip up investor hype. Plus, given that each Legionnaire has its own ‘programmatically generated’ soundtrack, the NFT sale has a one-of-a-kind quality. 

What Are Satoshi’s Legions? 

The Satoshiverse is an epic comic NFT collaboration between Apollo NFT Studios, José Delbo, and the NFT community. ‘Satoshi The Creator’ is the protagonist. His mission is to save the world from the ‘Defenders of Fiat’ among many other foes. Satoshi’s Legions and the Legionnaires will help Satoshi in his battles. With these unique, next-generation NFTs they can save the world and restore people’s freedoms. 

The key thing is that Satoshi’s Legions NFTs collectors will be able to use their avatars in the play-to-earn game once it’s released. Collectors also get exclusive perks. For example, Legionnaires get early access to the Satoshiverse P2E game before it goes live. Airdrops and comic collectibles are also up for grabs. 

Finally, there are rumors that the avatars may link up to future metaverses that sync with the Satoshiverse. Check out the trailer for Satoshi’s Legions here. You’ll notice hundreds of these cool, customizable avatars.

The Satoshiverse play-to-earn game

As part of a blockchain-based superhero universe, the gameplay for Satoshiverse will go live sometime in the future.  It will be a combination of beautiful art, a compelling storyline as well as community participation. While these three components are the foundations of the Satoshiverse, the game is in development. One thing is clear, however, the Satoshiverse will push the boundaries of NFT technology creating a truly unique union of comic art and NFT artistry.

Until then, almost one-third of the Legionnaires have sold through a presale model. Early collectors purchased presale tokens to gain access to the Legionnaire launch. Those hungry to bag a Satoshi Legion avatar ahead of the game release should save the date: 28th of November. 

For the most up-to-date information on Satoshi’s Legions and The Satoshiverse, see the links below and follow @satoshiverse_io, @Jose_Delbo, and @ApolloNft on Twitter and Discord. Or for more info on the game story, check the

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