Sad Looking Dogecoin Shiba Inu NFT Sold for $2 Million

Previous owner won the auction on the Zora NFT marketplace with a 15.6 ETH bid

An NFT of a photo of Kabosu, the famous Shiba Inu, sold for $2 million after being auctioned for 15.6 ETH in June. The buyer used USDC to pay for it, while the seller ignored an earlier 30 ETH bid from the same collector. 

The original sale took place on the Zora NFT marketplace. A user with the nickname TwoDollaHotDoge was among the bidders but eventually lost the auction from GiganticRebirthCapital. Now, ultimately, TwoDollaHotDoge has acquired the NFT they longed for all this time since June. 

Kabosu isn’t just any Shiba Inu. It’s probably one of the most famous dogs on the internet and the inspiration for the branding of Dogecoin. However, the Sad Doge image shows a lesser-known side of the dog, as owner Atsuko Sato photographed her looking sad. It’s no surprise that this image also became an internet meme.

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NFT trading is on fire

With its $2 million price tag, Sad Doge is the most expensive NFT in the past 24 hours. However, CryptoPunk #9052, Bored Ape #9361, and Ringers #686 are right behind with a $1,5 million selling price. When looking at data over the past 7 days, Sad Doge isn’t on top anymore. We find the NFT in fifth place behind two Fidenza artworks, a CryptoPunk and a Ghxst NFT.   


Over the past 7 days, OpenSea has seen more than $1 billion in trading volume, signalling a true bull run on NFTs. The hype surrounding NFTs expands into online gaming but also into art, online communities, and the music industry. Additionally, a couple of old-timer collections are recently making a strong return in the spotlight. MoonCats and Plasma Bears both saw a significant boost in activity. This is further proof that NFTs are currently a hot topic.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space. If you’re curious to see the strength of your portfolio, check out DappRadar Portfolio and our new NFT Value Estimator

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