Rumble in the Jungle: ApeSwap Apes Are On the Move

The kings of the swingers deliver self-serve IAOs (initial ape offering), governance rounds, new integrations, and a ‘Powered by ApeSwap’ label.

ApeSwap Finance strengthens its leading position as a DEX on Binance Smart Chain with 5 new improvements. Self-serve liquidity offering, a governance round and integrations bring the rumble to their jungle.

ApeSwap Finance, a leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, is making its ‘Jungle Frens’ happy in quarter four. Following its promotional campaign, ‘WenNewsSer’, the team made 5 new announcements to the DEX ecosystem. Self-serve IAOs, a governance round, ApeSwap integrations, team expansion and even a ‘powered by ApeSwap’ label are inbound. The apes are on the move! 

In true meme fashion, the ApeSwap team caused a rumble in the jungle when announcing these big changes. 

First up, the self-serve initial ape offerings, or IAOs. A new feature coming to ApeSwap, self-serve IAOs will allow any DeFi project to raise funds for initial liquidity and platform development through launching their token. ApeSwap is the first DEX on BSC and Polygon to offer the service. 

In brief, any ‘ape’ with a great project idea and a BEP-20 token can easily raise funds, lock liquidity and list for the first time entirely on one platform. Arguably the biggest announcement of the five, the self-serve IAOs will help ApeSwap to continue to grow as a DEX. Plus, TVL will grow as new projects and potential hidden gems contribute to the platform.

King of the Jungle

Next up, another round of governance. ApeSwap governance empowers the community to engage with the biggest decisions concerning ApeSwap. Using GNANA as a governance token, apes can vote and review proposals. As a leap forward for the DEX, Governance Proposals 10–14 give the community insight and input into the future of the platform. 

The process requires GNANA in your wallet during the “Snapshot Block”, and make sure to remove your GNANA from staking pools before casting your vote. Take the time to digest the governance procedure here.

On the dev side, ApeSwap also has some exciting new integrations and partnerships. And considering some of the names the apes have partnered with, the jungle ecosystem is going places. RugDoc, one of the best reviewers and rug pull alarms on BSC, will badge official ApeSwap projects. As a result, apes trade safe in the knowledge that they won’t be rugged.

You may also recognize Bubble Maps, a visualization tool for keeping up with transfers from whale wallets on blockchains. ApeSwap now boasts one of the safest bubble maps following the announcement. Elsewhere, the group that needs no introduction, will host ApeSwap’s Medium announcements. 

Final listings include large well-known coin watchers such as Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. In addition, there are impressive integrations for charting, DEX aggregators and Defi Dashboards. The list is impressive, from 1Inch to Bog Tools to JDI Yield. Check out the ApeSwap jungle hierarchy here.

Let’s Go Bananas

Down on the jungle floor, the ApeSwap team has grown to 30 apes and over 60 community managers. The work pays off, as ApeSwap has reached shy of 200.000 followers since February. The growing team will soon honor worthy ape projects with the label ‘Powered by ApeSwap’.

Either way, if you see a project with the label “Powered by ApeSwap”, it’s a close jungle friend. It’s a project that honors the ApeSwap brand, mission and vision.  

ApeSwap’s native token, BANANA allows users to participate in yield farming and staking pools. It broke the dollar barrier in March and hasn’t looked back. The price was swinging from the treetops in May at over $8, but with all this activity in the ApeSwap jungle, it’s likely we’ll see some price action soon.

The total value locked on the DEX is growing, reaching over $424 million in the second half of 2021. ApeSwap is also climbing the DappRadar charts, reaching the fourth place on the Binance Smart Chain for user acquisition. 

Following these announcements, growth on the platform and overall crypto market hype, it best the question. Are you hungry to acquire some BANANA? It’s easy to do so through DappRadar’s token swap service. Simply log in with your BCS wallet and get swapping. You can then use those BANANA tokens to get active on the ApeSwap platform. In the meantime, DappRadar will continue monitoring ApeSwap’s performance. So let’s go bananas.

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