Ronin Expansion Continues, Launches Saigon Testnet to Attract Game Developers

Ronin Saigon Testnet
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The launch of Saigon Testnet is a strategic initiative by Sky Mavis to move from game developer to game publisher.

Ronin, Axie Infinity’s hosting blockchain, launched Saigon Testnet. It aims to provide a development playground where anyone can test and implement their ideas on Ronin. Also, Saigon serves as a cornerstone for the blockchain to evolve into an all-inclusive gaming ecosystem.


What is Saigon Testnet?

On November 23, Ronin announced on Twitter the release of Saigon Testnet. It is a Ronin testnet for builders and developers to easily test and deploy smart contracts on Saigon.

Ronin Twitter

In addition, developers can integrate with Ronin wallet, Katana, and the Ronin bridge contract on Saigon. Ronin also allows developers to deploy ERC20 and ERC721 tokens on Saigon to tweak an optimal virtual economy for their projects.

With the launch of Saigon, anyone who wants to build a robust dapp on Ronin, a well-tested gaming blockchain, can use Saigon as a starting point. Get free testnet RON and ERC20 via Testnet Faucet. Developers can start creating projects on Ronin now.

To enhance the ecosystem vibrancy of Ronin or to complement it, it expects developers to start deploying experimental contracts around but not limited to, the following areas. 

  • Axie team and guild management
  • NFT collateralization and trading
  • Community-built Axie games
  • Esports tooling and payouts

Axie Infinity numbers slip, and Ronin needs a breakthrough

Axie Infinity continued to soar in popularity in the first half of 2021. Since the game was first released on Ethereum, the increased usage of the game has overloaded the Ethereum network. Eventually, it hurt the user experience with high transaction fees and network latency.

To address this, project founder Sky Mavis created the Ronin network in February 2021 and completed the full migration of Axie Infinity by the end of April of that year. This critical move brought Axie Infinity to a peak of activity in November 2021. At its pinnacle, more than 700,000 unique wallets participated in the game on the same day.

However, with the macroeconomic recession and the shakeup of the cryptocurrency industry, Axie Inifity’s numbers dropped gradually. Axie continued to update with new versions and features such as Origin and land staking. But competition in the field has intensified, meaning Axie has to face greater challenges to extend its lifecycle.

Saigon Testnet marks a new chapter for Ronin.

Ronin, the Ethereum sidechain, was introduced to give Sky Mavis more control over its entire ecosystem. At the same time, it allows Sky Mavis to develop more games on the sidechain and to invite external developers to build their own games on Ronin.

Undoubtedly, Saigon will play a crucial role in Ronin’s game ecosystem. It paves the way for Ronin to evolve into a top-notch blockchain gaming infrastructure. 

In the future, Axie Infinity may or not own the Ronin champion title. But what is certain is that more stars will be born from Saigon Testnet.  

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