Rolling Stone Partners with BAYC on Exclusive Edition and NFT Collection

Rolling Stone Partners with BAYC on Exclusive Edition and NFT Collection
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SuperRare user base jumped 50% following the announcement

Internationally acclaimed music magazine Rolling Stone partnered up with Bored Ape Yacht Club to honor BAYC-inspired artwork in an exclusive NFT collection. The NFTs dropped on SuperRare yesterday, and since then, the marketplace has seen an impressive 50% increase in unique active wallets. 

The collection consists of seven NFTs, each with a distinct design. Some of the NFTs were created by artists who are part of the BAYC community, while others are related to Rolling Stone magazine. Importantly, all of these artworks were part of an exclusive limited edition for the magazine dedicated specifically to the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection and its community. 

Naturally, the 2500 copies of the special edition sold out in minutes. However, bidding for the NFTs featured on SuperRare is still open. Consequently, the marketplace is now bustling with activity. 

According to DappRadar data, in the past 24 hours, SuperRare attracted close to 50% more users. Additionally, the number of transactions processed by the marketplace jumped 124%. While other factors might also impact these metrics, the Rolling Stone and BAYC collaboration has definitely stolen the spotlight. 

Rolling Stone honors the BAYC community

The Rolling Stone exclusive edition’s goal  it is to pay tribute to the BAYC community. While the project started out as a simple profile picture NFT collection, BAYC has now become a standard for the space.

Most of the NFT art featured in the magazine was created by artists who are active members of the BAYC community. Being featured in Rolling Stone magazine is a significant milestone for any rising artist. Take a look at Jeneva’s reaction for example:

Other artists featured in the collection include Claire Salvo, TimpersHD, Dario de Siena, and Crypto Geisha. All of them posted appreciative posts on social media following the drop. 

Interestingly, Bored Ape Yacht Club has managed to grab the attention of mainstream media as well. While the NFT space has been infected with the BAYC bug for months now, the fact that Rolling Stone magazine recognizes the power of this community is impressive. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Bored Ape Yacht Club, as more and more subsequent and derivative collections launch. If you want to learn more about BAYC, and its follow-up collections, check out the links below. To stay atop the latest news from the NFT space, follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our vibrant Discord community. 

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