Rev Your Engines & Accelerate Your Earnings with the Stradall Game

Rev Your Engines & Accelerate Your Earnings with the Stradall Game
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Play and own prestigious virtual cars while generating revenue

Stradall is a new automotive crypto game that combines NFT trading cards and GameFi. Featuring officially licensed digital trading cards from well-known brands, such as Alpine and Alpine F1, Stradall aims to bring a unique virtual racing experience to car lovers. The platform rewards players with METANOL tokens, providing an exciting gaming experience and endless opportunities for players to earn.


What is Stradall?

Stradall is a new racing game designed specifically for car enthusiasts. It’s the first card-based game that lets players collect and trade officially licensed digital cards featuring the world’s most iconic and prestigious cars. 

Players join the game as managers, and they can build their own virtual garage and assemble their dream team of racing cars. By participating in high-stakes virtual races, they can earn prestige and win exciting prizes.

With Stradall, car lovers can experience the excitement and thrill of racing like never before. Each card has technical characteristics that determine the car’s performance on the track. So you’ll need to strategize carefully to build a winning team. 

How to play and own with Stradall?

One of the main goals when playing Stradall is to build and manage a Racing Team, with strategy at the core. Players can recruit other users, lend cards and avatars, and carefully select the right bonuses and cars to put their crew at the top of the podium. 

The team name, logos, and hierarchical ranks are entirely customizable. Furthermore, a private chat is available for each team to optimize strategy. 

The cards

Car cards in Stradall are essential assets in the game, and they are NFTs. These cards represent unique car models players use to compete in virtual races. Each card comes in four rarity classes.

The front of each card shows four main technical characteristics of the car, derived from the real-life performance of the specific vehicle. In addition, each card has a set of hidden secondary attributes, such as acceleration and top speed, which also impact the car’s performance in races. 

What makes these cards more valuable is the XP bonus, which helps to increase the value and performance of a car. So the higher the XP bonus, the more valuable the card becomes.

Play-to-earn mechanics explained

The game offers multiple revenue channels that will get any car enthusiast’s heart racing. Players can dive into the action and generate active revenue by participating in racing rewards, sponsorships, and more. Additionally, players can just sit back and watch their earnings grow through passive income by staking METANOL tokens in popular games. 

But that’s not all. Becoming a stakeholder, you can receive royalties for the cars you own, with higher rarity levels earning even more. 

What is the METANOL token?

The METANOL (MTNL) token is the backbone of the Stradall game economy, rewarding players for their in-game actions and enabling them to purchase various items. Holding MTNL will also grant players governance rights, allowing them to participate in shaping the future of Stradall through a DAO.

The METANOL STRADALL app users can link the platform to a zero-carbon emissions car. This allows drivers to earn game currency simply by driving. So every kilometer driven will automatically generate MTNL, and users can spend these tokens in the game, cash out for profit, or even use them to purchase entries to F1 GP and automotive events, goodies, and more. 

With this innovative Game-Fi currency, Stradall aims to encourage millions of people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and combat climate change. And most importantly, it lets users explore unlimited possibilities that come with Web3.

Join the token pre-sale and win a limited-edition Alpine

The MTNL token pre-sale is coming in spring 2023, offering participants a chance to win Olivier Panis’ Alpine A110 Monaco Limited edition. This exclusive prize, valued at €100,000, will go home with a lucky new owner after the private sale ends. 

It is also worth noting that MTNL will be listed on major exchanges worldwide, such as Kucoin,, and Lbank. 

Learn more about Stradall

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