Record Punk, Snoop Dogg’s XCOPY love & Ross Ulbricht Genesis NFT – Top 10 NFT Sales

Record Punk, Snoop Dogg's XCOPY love & Ross Ulbricht Genesis NFT - Top 10 NFT Sales

Two Punks, a single Bored Ape, and two Decentraland plots complete the list

This week’s Top 10 NFT sales list is rather diverse with metaverse land, some traditional appearances by CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, but also emblematic NFTs switching owners. At the top of the list, we have CryptoPunk #4156 which made headlines with a sale worth over $10 million. The new owner also purchased an ENS domain name in honor of their new punk, thereal4156.eth

Other notable mentions include XCOPY’s Right-click and Save As guy, which is now part of Snoop Dogg’s collection. The rapper bought the infamous XCOPY NFT for $7.09 million. This is the latest in a series of XCOPY artworks to make it into the Cozomo de’ Medici vault. 

Following the launch of the Save Ross DAO, a Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection NFT switched owners for 1440 ETH or about $6.28 million at the time of the sale. The NFT is part of a unique collection of writings and 10 artworks by Ross Ulbricht, from early childhood to his present days as a prisoner. Ulbricht is currently serving a double life sentence following a long list of conspiracy charges he received in 2015 after his online marketplace Silk Road was shut down.

Impressively, another emblematic NFT also found itself a new owner in the past seven days. The NFT commemorating a Sequoia Capital YouTube investment ranks 10th in this week’s list, with a sale of 200 WETH, or a little over $855.000. 

The rest of the list is completed by a couple more CryptoPunks sales, each of which switched owners following sales of upwards of $1 million each. A single Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT made the cut as well and switched owners for $1.42 million. Furthermore, interest in metaverse land is also going steady, with two major Decentraland land plot sales. VentureEstates sold for $1.03 million, while BlockLocal – Hotel Booking switched owners for $897.500. 

Top 10 NFT sales – December 6th – 12th

  1. CryptoPunk #4156 – $10.3 million / 2500 ETH – Buyer wallet
  2. Right-click and Save As guy – $7.09 million / 1600 ETH – Buyer wallet
  3. Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection – $6.28 million / 1440 ETH – Buyer wallet
  4. CryptoPunk #2964 – $1.5 million / 374 ETH – Buyer wallet
  5. Bored Ape Yacht Club #9452 – $1.42 million / 347 WETH – Buyer wallet
  6. CryptoPunk #7677 – $1.04 million / 250 ETH – Buyer wallet
  7. VentureEstates – $1.03 million / 300.000 MANA – Buyer wallet
  8. Citizen #95 – $1.02 million / 250 ETH – Buyer wallet
  9. BookLocal – Hotel Booking – $897.500 / 250.000 MANA – Buyer wallet
  10. Sequoia Capital YouTube Memo – $855.810 / 200 WETH – Buyer wallet
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