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Buy digital ratings of popular fighters as the value increases based on their popularity

Step into the ring of the new SocialFi sports platform Ready to Fight. Endorsed by the World Boxing Council and led by boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk, Ready to Fight engages the fighting community with Web3 tools, own blockchain, donations, online services, a shop, and various tasks where they can earn rewards. 

Ready to Fight (RTF) aims to become the number one sports community platform, engaging its audience with various Web3 mechanics. In this article, we will look at the features, innovation, and onchain mechanics seen on this platform.

Earn now through Ready to Fight

Ready to Fight has launched a Community Campaign with a $200,000 prize pool to engage the community through tasks published in their app. Complete the tasks and social media activities, and you can earn a share of that prize pool. 

The Community Campaign is spread out over two platforms. First of all, there’s the Ready to Fight app. To participate in this part, you should download the app, create an in-app Web3 wallet, and start completing quests in the RTFHub section. Here, participants can refer their friends, and you’ve got a chance to win a share of the 1.11 million RTF tokens or the 35,000 USDT prize as well. 

In addition, there’s a Zealy campaign. Through this platform, they distribute 400,000 RTF, which is roughly $40,000. Furthermore, top participants share 15,000 USDT. 

There will be various moments over a longer time frame throughout which these prizes will be distributed. The team will take snapshots to make sure the rewards go to those who’ve earned them. The first snapshot has already been taken on 1 February, and the first prizes were distributed on 7 February. More snapshots will follow, and the campaign will end by the end of February. 

What is Ready to Fight? 

Ready to Fight (RTF) is a blockchain-enabled community app and an ecosystem for millions of fighters, coaching staff, and global fans. The app combines familiar social network features while enhancing user engagement through Web3 incentives. 

Ready to Fight also offers a dedicated network for secure and transparent transactions for combat sports athletes and fans alike. This platform wants to make it easier for sportsmen and agents to find sparring partners without the need for lengthy negotiations while bringing the sport closer to the fans. 

Ready to Fight ecosystem products

The Ready to Fight ecosystem consists of more than 20 products, all coming together through martial arts and Web3. The most eye-catching products in their offering are the following: 

  • Subring – a SocialFi product where users can purchase fighters’ ‘Rates’, which is somewhat comparable to the way FriendTech works
  • Questing Platform – a task and reward system for community engagement
  • Web3 wallet – an integrated non-custodial Web3 wallet that supports all the major networks
  • RTF Payment System – a blockchain-based fintech solution for cross-border payments with white-label payment cards
  • RTF Swap – a decentralized exchange for trading crypto assets, leveraging smart contracts 

Upcoming features

Ready to Fight already offers a social network and a Web3 wallet, but they are planning to expand their features with the aforementioned Payment System, Swap, and Subring. Also, the team is actively engaged in the process of creating a network of mutually beneficial Web3 partners, as well as onboarding a bunch of new ambassadors.

The RTF token explained

At the core of the Ready to Fight ecosystem, you will find the RTF token. Crypto enthusiasts, professional and amateur fighters, agents, and fans will need to have RTF tokens to utilize 20+ services inside the ecosystem. Some of the most prominent utilities of $RTF are to buy “Rates” (with the help of RTF tokens, users will be able to purchase an unlimited number of fighters’ “Rates”, with the possibility to get profit in the future from the sale on the secondary market, earning on the difference of their value), send and receive donations, pay for boxing services, cover charges for facilities and gear, and get access to exclusive fan content. 

RTF aims to create an ecosystem where everybody in the combat sports world utilizes the same services, using the same platform and the same digital currency. 

Download the Ready to Fight app

You can download the Ready to Fight app from the iOS AppStore and the Google Play Store. Download Ready to Fight now through the official download portals:

  1. iOS AppStore
  2. Google Play Store 

Download the app, create your own profile, and get a Web3 wallet. Then you’re ready to complete tasks, earn tokens, and climb the leaderboard. 

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