NFT Whales Make Waves with RareBunniClub Collectibles

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Hopping into the NFT market

RareBunniClub NFT whales also have a serious investment in SupDucks, Peaceful Groupies, FoxFam and other NFT collections. The RareBunniClub is one of the latest to join the NFT hype, and has already caught the attention of some of the largest whales. The NFT space never gets dull, as we see new exciting additions hopping in the crowd. 

The RareBunniClub consists of 5,500 Rare Bunnis, all of them – rare – in their own way. The Bunnis were created from over 250 different traits, including 100 shirts, 80 hats, 80 faces, and 6 skins, with unique hat and shirt combinations to ensure rarity. The total sales volume for RareBunniClub in the seven days prior to writing this post is $3.62 million, stemming from 8873 trades and 2579 traders.

Even though the RareBunniClub doesn’t come close to the top 10 NFT collections yet, there’s some interesting traction here. Especially considering that we’re seeing some strong overlap with other collections. In addition we’ve spotted some familiar names amongst the top collectors. 

Top NFTs and big collectors

The most expensive Rare Bunni sold so far was #4502, for $25.000. It’s followed by #2546 that switched owners for $11.600, and #5228, which was purchased for $8400. The current owner of the most expensive Rare Bunni at the moment is Wess Mosely. He’s an avid NFT collector, and you can explore his whole portfolio using the DappRadarPortfolio Tracker.

Wess Mosely has more than $96.000 worth of Rare Bunnies in his collection. This number is based on the last purchase price. With 221 NFTs in his wallet, it’s safe to assume that this collector owns some more expensive, rare ones.

The most Bunnis are owned by the wallet 0xc8cfac3f1e083d0ffa978ee82b7a5c4bec7b51a7. This address stores 221 Bunni NFTs, which represents more than 4% of the total collection. 

This wallet is closely followed by a frequent mention in our past NFT articles – stronghands.eth. The person behind this wallet holds 160 Bunnis, or nearly 3% of the total supply. 

The third wallet is segs.eth and they’ve managed to get their hands on 100 Bunnis (1.82% of the total supply). Other major holders include 0xbd5d007a4f378bd231a82d903796b63eac4f4b9b with 99 Bunnis and thechamp.eth with 85 of them.

What’s in the whale wallets

The major RareBunniClub holder (and the owner of the currently most expensive Bunni) is an avid collector of NFTs, whose ownership includes 2,600 collectibles from over 99 collections, worth a total of $2.6 million. In second place we’ve got stronghands.eth, followed by a couple of other RareBunniClub whales.

Each of those wallets is filled with NFT collections. We’ve identifiedindentified strong overlap of RareBunniClub holders with the following six NFT collections:

  • SupDucks
  • Peaceful Groupies
  • FoxFam
  • Habbo Avatars
  • CryptoFoxes
  • And Rebel Seals Club

In addition to a whole bunch of Bunnis, the largest whale also last bought 9 Monsterbuds, several CreatureToadz, and quite a lot of OctoHedz V2. This wallet owner seems to be a strong believer in Bunnis, as they’ve also purchased them from other people, in addition to the initial drop.

Stronghands.eth got their hands (no pun intended) on a whole lot of Morphys (190 of them) from the project’s initial sale, as well as several FlippedDogePound, KingFrogs, and Waifu Metaverse NFTs. Our third largest Bunni whale recently acquired 10 Path and 8 OctoHedz V2. The sixth major whale lately spent their money on FoxFam, WhattyClub, Rebel Seals, and Groupies. Based on their purchases we should probably keep our eyes on OctoHedz.


Although the NFT crowd can be quite eclectic, some patterns are starting to pop up. Especially among the top of the bunch that has a good sense about which digital collectibles that are going to be big. Right now, their focus is on new collections like RareBunniClub, FoxFam, and Rebel Seals Club.

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