How To Trade & Earn OP Tokens on Quix NFT Marketplace

How To Trade & Earn OP Tokens on Quix NFT Marketplace
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Quix is the home of NFTs on the Optimism layer 2 network

The Quix NFT marketplace is on fire, making waves trailing closely in the rankings to established players like OpenSea and Magic Eden. After the recent announcement of the official Optimism NFT bridge, its UAW increased by 62.79% in the past month. Let’s uncover the story behind the data and show you how to earn OP tokens. 


What is Quix NFT Marketplace? 

Quix is the star of the Optimism NFT dapp ecosystem, hosting over 100 collections and serving 34,000 users. It is built specifically for the Layer-2 solution, allowing it to be scalable, fast and secure. Quix trades a 24-hour volume of $83,604, or 53.31 ETH at the time of this writing, in NFTs through popular collections like Early Optimists, Opti Punks, and Apetimism. 

Optimism has seen a steady growth during the past 6 months. In May 2022 the protocol had 6,224 UAW and last September it showed 15,855 UAW, showing a stellar increase of around 150%. 

Using the DappRadar Rankings, we can see that Quix is among Optimism´s top-ranking dapps, occupying the third place behind Uniswap V3 and Galxe in second and first place respectively. Take a look into the dapp´s activity for the past 7 days and you´ll see a volume of $347,470 and a the number of Unique Active Wallets surging 21% to 20,330. 

What can you do on Quix NFT Marketplace?

This platform has something for everybody, both users and developers. If you are a user, get ready to collect and sell digital collectibles. For example, you can move NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain to Optimism and back. This works through the Optimism bridge, very similar to the methods used to bridge cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another.

Moreover, to increase your chances of getting rewards on time, you can also do Galxe Optimism quests. 

On the other hand, if you are a developer, Quix´s NFT Launchpad lets you launch no-code smart contracts for free-to-mint collections. These collections can then be used in the in-app rarity ranking calculator and the floor sweep tool. 

Why have Quix UAWs increased during the past month?

Quix has done a great job at pulling new buyers and sellers during recent months, a trend similar to Optimism’s as seen in the graph above. High spikes, especially during the past week are likely due to newbie users to this platform and eager token hunters.

The hype fits with the team’s recent announcement of the official Optimism NFT bridge on October 12th as well as several quests to incentivize users on their platform. The graph below shows a surging trend across all statistics including UAW, Volume and Transactions following such events. 

Head over to our Rankings and filter by marketplaces to see the top-performing marketplaces across all protocols on DappRadar. 

How to earn OP tokens?

OP is the native token of the Optimism ecosystem. The token can be used for governance decisions, as a payment currency and a reward. Activity on Quix can earn you rewards paid in OP, but before hunting OP tokens you must check your eligibility first. 

You need to meet one or more of these eligibility criteria:

  • Used an OP bridge prior to June 23, 2021, or used Optimism projects more than once between June 23, 2021 and March 25, 2022.2.
  • Came back to use apps on OP in four different weeks between June 23, 2021 and March 25, 2022.
  • Be an active participant in governance on L1 [Ethereum -red.]
  • Control over large pools of capital and key protocol functions,
  • Donated to Gitcoin Grants on L1
  • Used bridges while being a regularly active user on L1

      If you classify as eligible, this is where you need to focus now: 

  1. Visit the Quix dapp through DappRadar and make sure to connect your Optimism wallet. Simply open your Metamask, select the drop-down and pick “Add Network” 
    1. Network name – Optimism
    2. New RPC URL – 
    3. Chain ID – 10
    4. Currency symbol – ETH
    5. Block explorer – 
  2. Hunt OP through their quests and quizzes, invest some time, and aim to complete at least 50-75 of these tasks. You can find these quests on Galxe
  3. Quests and quizzes involve interactions such as making a trade, bridging a coin, or buying an NFT. Use the DappRadar Optimism Rankings to find interesting dapps. 
  4. You increase your chances of rewards by interacting with their smart contracts that facilitate the use and growth of the Optimism ecosystem.
  5. Follow Quiz NFT Marketplace on Twitter
  6. OP Bridgooors NFTs, can be claimed by anyone who uses the Optimism NFT Bridge. The maximum supply is 100,000 and minting will close on Jan 1st, 2023.
  7. Holding any OP OG NFT in the wallet will earn users 2% $OP rewards for any NFT purchase on Quix.


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