QuickSwap Starts Polygon Airdrop Season with Manta Network

QuickSwap now does airdrops, starting with Manta Pacific's MANTA token

QUICK token holders, governance voters and early Manta Pacific users on QuickSwap can now reap the rewards

Users of QuickSwap on Manta Pacific, those who hold QUICK tokens, and participate in DAO governance, have received a MANTA airdrop. QuickSwap has announced the second phase of the MANTA airdrop will go to DEX users who participated in on-chain activities on Manta Pacific, the new Polygon CDK chain, during MantaFest.

QuickSwap already is one of the most recognizable DeFi platforms on Polygon. As the Polygon ecosystem goes multichain, QuickSwap is also expanding its services to other chains (Citadels) built on Polygon CDK as part of its DragonFi 2.0 initiative. 

In the past 30 days, QuickSwap has seen over 58,600 unique wallets interact with the platform. That’s a 7% increase from the previous period. Furthermore, with $115.9 million worth of crypto locked into its smart contracts, QuickSwap is the third biggest DeFi platform on Polygon.

MANTA airdrop criteria

The MANTA airdrop and its distribution depend on three segments of on-chain activity:

  • 50,000 MANTA to those who performed on-chain activities during MantaFest
  • 10,000 MANTA to QUICK token holders who participated in DAO governance
  • 5,000 MANTA to QuickSwap users who participate in upcoming on-chain campaigns

Yet, the rewards don’t end there. QuickSwap LPs on Manta Pacific will also receive 85,000 MANTA as liquidity provision rewards on the DEX. In addition, there’s 50,000 MANTA for those who create liquidity for the Manta Pacific token, and an additional 50,000 MANTA for LPs providing MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM.

More airdrops to come

The first users have already claimed their MANTA airdrop. Now QuickSwap will announce more eligibility criteria in the weeks to come. Therefore, stepping into the DragonFi ecosystem through QuickSwap can be a rewarding experience. This has been the first airdrop QuickSwap has done, and as the Polygon CDK ecosystem grows, likely more will follow.

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