QuickSwap Launched Perpetual Exchange QuickPerps Falkor

quickswap quickperps falkor defi suite

Expansion for QuickSwap, the leading DeFi suite in the Polygon ecosystem

QuickSwap has launched QuickPerps Falkor, a new innovative perpetual trading product for their suite of DeFi services on the Polygon blockchain. This offers Web3 users a new approach to perpetual trading with near-instant transactions and zero-gas trades.

While QuickSwap already offered perpetual trading on Polygon zkEVM, they have now expanded this service to Polygon PoS. This blockchain environment has been used by over 219 million unique wallet addresses, which have generated over billions of transactions across more than a million smart contracts. Therefore, this rich environment is well suited to welcome QuickPerps Falkor, giving the community access to a suite of advanced features that set it apart from the rest of the perpetuals sector. 

A decentralized perpetual exchange 

QuickPerps Falkor is the latest addition to the QuickSwap ecosystem, offering traders a new product in the already rich DeFi suite. QuickSwap developed the perpetual exchange in collaboration with Orderly Network. There already was a perpetual exchange on Polygon zkEVM, but based on the enormous reach of the Polygon PoS network, they decided to bring the DeFi service also to this leading ecosystem. 

Perpetual futures are a type of derivatives that allow traders to speculate on the future price of an asset. Combine this with leverage trading, and you can trade with high-risk on the future price of a cryptocurrency without the need to actually own it. This type of trading doesn’t come without risks, and traders open themselves up to potentially losing their money, or finding great success with their leveraged trades.

Key features of QuickPerps Falkor

On Polygon PoS, QuickPerps Falkor stands out with its near-instant transactions on perpetual contracts and its ability to offer trades without gas fees. Moreover, the service offers up to 50x leverage, allowing traders to take bigger risks and amplify their positions and hedges. Falkor leverages Orderly Network’s permissionless liquidity layer to utilize the deep liquidity of the wider Polygon PoS ecosystem. Therefore traders have access to ample market depth to execute trades at optimal price points.

QuickPerps Falkor not only offers high-performance and optimized DeFi services, but it’s also cross-chain compatible. The platform eliminates the need to bridge tokens, allowing users to deposit funds directly on Polygon PoS into the platform’s vault. This deposit mechanism makes Falkor very secure, and it streamlines the user experience. 

At launch QuickPerps Falkor supports perpetual contracts for 37 digital assets, including BTC, ETH, and MATIC. In addition, popular assets like DOGE, AVAX, ARB, NEAR, RNDR, ONDO, OP and LINK are among the supported tokens. 

Closing words

DeFi is often criticized for not offering the trading options as seen on traditional finance, or on centralized trading platforms. The arrival of perpetual trading on decentralized exchanges shows that this is changing, and QuickSwap is leading this new wave of innovation with QuickPerps Falkor.

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