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EOS gambling category transaction volume surpassed $142 million

Gambling dapps were the very first products that were launched on the mainnet. From one side, gambling dapps are simple and quick to make. Conversely, it’s difficult for gambling dapps to sustain a loyal audience. This is because users are always on the lookout for new and potentially profitable opportunities. 

Gambling dapps are concentrated on the Ethereum, EOS, and especially the TRON blockchains. However, ThunderCore, Steem & Hive have just recently joined the trend. Currently, we track more than 1,000 dapps in total for the Gambling category.

With this review, we aim to review the current trends and data in the Gambling dapps category.

Key takeaways

  • Some contradictory results can be seen across the three main protocols. While daily active wallets decreased, trading volume increased on Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.
  • High Ethereum gas prices have affected the daily activity of the gambling category on Ethereum. Activity dropped by 26% in August.
  • EOS daily activity increased by 25%.
  • EOS gambling category transaction volume surpassed $142 million.
  • TRON daily active wallets sustained the same level as in the previous month.
  • Of all other blockchains, ThunderCore’s daily activity has exploded. Steem has experienced a decline in wallet activity & value. But unlike Steem, Hive has increased its daily activity and value.


Daily active wallets drop by 26% month-on-month

In Q2 2020 April we witnessed growth in terms of daily active unique wallets. However, sadly we now notice the daily active unique wallets have declined month on month.  The trend continued in August too. Daily active wallets decreased by 26% in August compared to July 2020. 

Major gambling dapps like dice2.win, TNK.com, CasionFair(FUN) & Lottoshi witnessed a drastic decline in their daily active unique wallets since May 2020 due to increasing gas prices starting back in May. An issue that still persists.

Transaction volume increased 162% month-on-month

Unlike daily activity, transaction volume faced a tremendous increase. Transaction volume in the gambling dapp category in August increased by 162% compared to July 2020. 

July and August transaction volume combined has already achieved 90% of the volume reported in Q2 2020. This increase gives us a distorted view of Q3 2020 shaping up to be a successful quarter.

When it comes to total value, the Ethereum blockchain accounts for around 10% of the total category volume. Interestingly, Dice2.win is responsible for 99% of total Ethereum volumes.


Daily activity growing in August

TRON has always been a fascinating protocol, especially in 2020. Historically TRON has always been the most popular blockchain for gambling dapps.

 Across the 8 months of 2020, daily gambling dapp activity on TRON rose 45% to 12,623 daily active unique wallets since January 2020. WINk, RinoBet, GooseBet & 1cent have been the dapps contributing the most to daily activity.

Gambling Dapps

Transaction volume rose by 14%

TRON dapps currently account for around 42% of the volume of total gambling category volume. In August TRON transaction volume increased by 14% compared to July 2020. 

August and July combined have already achieved 75% of the volume reported in Q2 2020. If the trend continues, we will see improved volumes in Q3 too.

The top 3 dapps which are contributing to the transaction volume are WINk, 888TRON & RocketGame by 39%, 24% & 19% respectively in August.

Gambling Dapps


Daily activity increased by 25% 

In terms of the total number of active unique wallets interacting with gambling dapps. EOS dapps currently account for around 11% of daily activity. Historically, though, EOS used to make up a much larger part of the gambling dapps ecosystem. 

During mid-Q2 2020, a peak in the daily activity of more than 10,000 is observed mostly generated by a dapp called Dice. The daily active wallets fluctuated over the period and in August 2020 there was a 25% increase in wallet activity when compared to July 2020.

Gambling Dapps

Transaction volumes surpassed $142 million

When it comes to value, EOS currently accounts for around 47% of the total monthly spend in USD across all gambling dapps. Q2 2020 total transaction volume is around $391 million. An increase of 144% compared to Q1 2020. 

The trend has continued in July and August with the total for these two months having already grossed more than $266 million. Month-on-month there has been an increase in transaction volume and in August it rose by 15% compared to July. 

The dapps responsible for the transactions and activity are BLUEBET, BigGame, Felix, and EOSPLAY.

Gambling Dapps

The best of rest

In terms of daily active wallets and volumes, the best of the rest goes to the ThunderCore protocol in August 2020. Hive and Steem also showed increased activity but it wasn’t as impressive as ThunderCore. 


In August, ThunderCore’s daily active wallets exploded and reached an all-time high. The number of active wallets grew from 658 to 1,447. The dapps behind this growth were: Serious Dice & NICER.BET.

When it comes to transaction volume, it’s not the same story as daily activity. Month on month since June 2020 we observe a drop in volume. The dapp called TTRoLL which generated $1.6 million has declined to 0 in August. 

Gambling Dapps

Steem & Hive

Previously the battle occurring between Hive and Steem after the hard fork was discussed a lot. It is quite obvious now, that Hive not only won the fight but is also presenting stable growth in the gambling category since May 2020.

In August, Hive increased daily wallet activity by 24% and Steem decreased by 39% when compared to July 2020. The dapp that helped to deliver great results for Hive is Krypto Gamers.

Gambling Dapps

With regards to value, the Steem protocol has been witnessing a drop since June, whereas the Hive protocol has steadily increased quarter on quarter.

In August Steem decreased by 80% and Hive increased by 87% compared to July 2020. KryptoGamers is a common dapp on both protocols. However, its performance on Hive is quite amazing in both daily activity and volume in Hive. 

Gambling Dapps


August month has been fascinating for all the main protocols in terms of transaction volume. While Ethereum’s gambling category continues to drop in daily activity.

On the other hand. the EOS blockchain witnessed an increase in activity and appears to be benefitting from Ethereums problems. The biggest spikes were seen in dapps like BLUEBET, BigGame, Felix & EOSPLAY.

TRON followed similar trends as the EOS blockchain with increased daily activity in August.

The best of the rest for both metrics in August 2020 goes to the ThunderCore protocol.

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