Pulsar Farm: Layered, Gamified Yield Farming and Utility NFTs

pulsar farm

Pulsar Farm is an ambitious DeFi game on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon

Pulsar Farm is a yield farming game on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon that shows promising results in its first couple of months. With more than a thousand unique active wallets and upwards of $7 million locked in its smart contracts, this is one of the hot new yield farming experiences.

Yield farming has gained heaps of interest among DeFi enthusiasts. Pulsar Farm adds some gamification to this trend, and combines yield farming with PvP gaming.

As a result, Pulsar Farm is one of the first PvP game experiences, which also supports an NFT marketplace and yield farming all in the same place. Within Pulsarena you can purchase alien pets as NFTs, and unleash them in a PvP battle against your competitors.

Your Pulsar Farm pets can level up, the more games you win. Your win streak also determines the size of your reward – the more you win, the better the rewards you get. If you make it to the top of the leaderboard for the day, you will also receive extra BNT tokens. BNT tokens, or Bounty tokens, can only be earned during games in the fictional world of Pulsaria. On the other hand, BNT in combination with the BEP-20 Beta Pulsar Token (BPUL) form the liquidity pool with highest yield multiplier on Pulsar Farm.

Utility NFTs and security

Pulsar Farm is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to use NFTs and bring more utility to collectors. Thanks to a layered project structure, the Pulsar Beta game introduces a significant level of safety for its players by eliminating the threat of whales and bots entering the game. The way Pulsar Farm layers the experience means that users who purchase NFTs in the first yield farm essentially participate in a pre-sale event. They will be rewarded with Beta Pulsar tokens for purchasing their NFT, thus limiting the amount of price dumping that can happen with the token. 

When buying a pet NFT, you essentially buy a character with which you will participate in Pulsar Farm PvP games. Without a pet NFT you won’t be able to secure any Bounty tokens and take part in the yield farming functionalities. Bounty hunter character NFTs, on the other hand, allow you to play PvE games on the platform. 

In order to create a more stable environment for the game, Pulsar Farm founders have decided to automatically burn all proceeds coming from NFT sales. This means that NFTs will not bring revenue to Pulsar Farm, and are used predominantly as utility tokens that will allow players to participate in Pulsaria games.

In order to further boost player’s security of investment, Pulsar Farm has successfully introduced a rug insurance model. According to the founding team, one of the most unpleasant scenarios for DeFi investors is a project that rug pulls. To protect its investors Pulsar Farm essentially bet against itself with a Rug Insurance agent, and sent an amount of money for safekeeping to the Rug Doctor. In the event someone from Pulsar Farm tries to steal funds, the insurance will cover affected players.

How PvP and PVE gaming works

Player Versus Environment (PvE) gaming is the first step of the Pulsar Farm cycle. To start playing PvE you need to farm and earn BPUL tokens. BPUL tokens will give you the chance to enter a PvE game with a Bounty Hunter character of your choice. When you win in PvE games, you receive BNT tokens. These tokens allow you to start playing Pulsarena, which is a Player Versus Player (PvP) game.

Pulsar Farm’s PvP arena is a revolutionary take on DeFi gaming. The way it’s structured allows the best player to take the majority of the entrance fee pot, while also contributing to the top 3 rewards pool. 

When two players decide to battle each other, they enter a private arena and pay an entrance fee in BNT. This entrance fee then becomes the rewards pool for the game. If you win the game you receive 50% of the pool you initially entered with and a portion of your opponent’s BNT fee. The remainder is then distributed towards the top leaderboard scorers’ rewards pools. If you lose the battle, there is a 50% chance your pet will survive, so you could battle with it again.

Pulsar Farm in the long run

With the successful launch of the PvP arena battles, Pulsar Farm is now looking to the future with even more ambitious projects in mind. An exciting update from Pulsar Farm is just around the corner. On June 25 at9pm UTC the project will launch its next layer on the Polygon network. 

One of the biggest goals before the project is to create an MMORPG game that utilizes NFTs to an even higher extent than the PvP arena. While PvP only allows players to buy character NFTs, the Pulsar Farm MMORPG will have a much more extensive collection. Players will be able to purchase land plot NFTs and additional items for their characters. Not only that, Pulsar Farm has already successfully developed the NFT marketplace that will go with the new game.

With the increased number of NFTs available for this new game, Pulsar Farm is also looking to boost secondary market trades between players. Trading game-related NFTs will be easy and accessible, thus boosting your chances to level up, and earn more rewards. 

Pulsar Farm has been steadily developing over the past month. With an ambitious roadmap, and customer safety in mind, the project is on the road to becoming the next big thing in DeFi gaming.

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