PROOF Collective: A Look Into the NFT Community Behind Moonbirds

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Secret societies and elites find their way into NFTs with PROOF Collective

Dive into the heart of the Web3 industry with the PROOF Collective, an innovative ecosystem uniting NFT enthusiasts, creatives, and investors. In this guide, we’ll unearth the facets of this distinctive collective, its notable projects, and how it’s influencing the NFT landscape.


What is PROOF Collective?

PROOF Collective is a focused group dedicated to the growth and development of the web3 and NFT spaces. Established in December 2021 by co-founder Kevin Rose, it evolved from the vibrant community surrounding the Proof podcast.

In essence, PROOF Collective acts as an innovation center, merging creativity, technology, and community participation. It stands as an engaging platform, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds who are interested in contributing to the ongoing web3 story. To join, you need to own one of the 1,000 PROOF membership passes.

What is PROOF Collective

With only 917 members, PROOF created an elite and tightly-knit group of enthusiasts and innovators. It’s got a bold vision at its helm and aims to make significant strides in the web3 and NFT areas.

Among the significant projects under PROOF Collective’s wing is Moonbirds, a standout NFT collection. Revered as one of the major blue-chip NFTs in the space, Moonbirds have made their mark in the digital art scene.

Who is part of the community?

The PROOF Collective is a distinguished group comprising illustrious artists, collectors, and web3 enthusiasts, bonded by a shared interest in NFTs and the decentralized web.

According to the official website, among members’ assets, there are 327 CryptoPunks, 138 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, 2,457 ArtBlocks and 2,029 Moonbirds.

PROOF Collective member benefits

As a member of the PROOF Collective, one gets more than just the prestige of being part of a forward-thinking community; they gain access to a host of exclusive benefits. These advantages stretch beyond the typical offerings and significantly enhance a member’s journey in the world of NFTs and web3.

  • Access to Private Discord: Members enjoy gaining entry into a private Discord channel to engage in enriching discussions with like-minded enthusiasts and industry veterans.
  • Exclusive NFT Drops: As part of the PROOF community, members get the opportunity to participate in exclusive NFT drops.
  • Networking Opportunities: Membership opens the door to valuable connections.
  • Insider Information: PROOF Collective members are privy to the latest news and updates in the NFT space, providing them with a competitive edge.

It is not just about owning an NFT, but about being part of an exclusive club of individuals committed to pushing the boundaries of web3 and the NFT landscape.

Main projects by PROOF Collective

PROOF Collective has been instrumental in creating some of the most successful and renowned projects in the NFT and web3 space. Let’s dive into the collections below.


Born out of the PROOF Collective’s creative ingenuity, Moonbirds swiftly rose to prominence after its launch in April 2022. Comprising 10,000 profile picture NFTs, this collection provides holders access to the PROOF Collective’s exclusive Discord channel, thus expanding the Collective.

Despite this, it’s important to clarify that owning a Moonbirds NFT doesn’t equate to possessing a PROOF Collective pass, reserved for the original 1,000 members. As part of a somewhat secretive society, Moonbirds has nevertheless made waves in the NFT space. Its value skyrocketed shortly after its launch, with the average sale price peaking at over 40 ETH within ten days, thereby drawing considerable attention to the PROOF ecosystem.

Moonbirds NFT Collection Infographic

DappRadar data shows that the collection has one of the highest volumes in the market, with over $778 million since minting.

An interesting facet of this collection was the opportunity it offered to PROOF Collective NFT holders, who could mint two Moonbirds NFTs each. As a result, a fifth of the Moonbirds collection became reserved for these members, further solidifying the link between the two entities.

In addition to the exclusivity of access, Moonbirds introduced an intriguing feature termed ‘Nesting.’ This is akin to staking in the blockchain world, where holders can lock up their NFTs to earn rewards over time. The longer a Moonbird NFT is ‘nesting,’ the more lucrative the benefits for its owner. This reward mechanism has further amplified the allure of Moonbirds in the NFT space.


Oddities is an intriguing NFT collection stemming from the PROOF Collective. Launched in May 2022, this collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs, symbolizing the continued expansion and diversity of the PROOF ecosystem.

The NFTs from this project were exclusively airdropped to holders of Moonbirds who chose to ‘nest’ their avatars, reinforcing the unique rewards system of the PROOF Collective. This strategic distribution approach has not only generated considerable interest but also solidified Oddities as a key player in the NFT space.

Top 5 Oddities NFT Sales

At the time of writing, DappRadar data shows that the collection’s total volume surpassed ​​$65 million, and the floor price stood at around $450.

In addition to the connection with Moonbirds, Oddities shares a bond with the newly launched Mythics NFTs.


Mythics, PROOF Collective’s newest project unveiled in April 2023, blends NFT art with gaming in a distinctive collection. Mythics start as eggs, available in three types – Legendary, Runic, and Stone – each with the potential to reveal different forms of Mythics. These were airdropped to Moonbirds owners, providing them an exclusive chance to expand their collection.

An alternate route to Mythics ownership exists through the ‘burning’ of Oddities NFTs, a process named ‘the burrows,’ further enhancing the PROOF ecosystem’s dynamism.

By July 2023, the hatching of these eggs began, revealing animated pixel owls as standalone NFT artworks. These were premiered in the short film “Shrine of the Diamond Totem” by the renowned Goldenwolf studios.

Mythics introduces a new, illustrative art style, broadening its appeal to a diverse demographic. With the Mythics collection, the potential for varied applications, such as merchandise or animations, is immense, keeping the PROOF Collective at the forefront of NFT innovation.

This ever-expanding web of interconnected projects underlines PROOF Collective’s commitment to evolving the NFT space, bringing forward new collections while maintaining a strong and engaging relationship with existing ones.

Lunar Society: The DAO

The Lunar Society represents the democratic side of the PROOF Collective, functioning as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. This signifies a self-governed and decentralized group, where decision-making power is distributed among its members. These decisions are often made based on the ownership of specific tokens within the DAO, aligning with the fundamental principles of blockchain transparency and decentralization.

In the case of PROOF Collective, the Lunar Society DAO empowers its members to directly influence the community’s direction and projects. From discussing potential partnerships to steering new project developments, the DAO mechanism ensures that all voices within the Collective are heard and valued. 

Grails: PROOF and art NFTs

Diving into the artistic side of the NFT world, PROOF Collective is also renowned for its initiative titled “Grails.” This effort showcases the intersection of PROOF and the high-end digital art space. In an industry teeming with creativity, Grails brings a unique blend of artistically rich and diverse NFT offerings.

Grails embodies the mission of PROOF Collective to promote creativity and ingenuity within the Web3 realm. Basically, the three series of Grails that happened so far put together NFT artists on a collection of PROOF-approved digital art assets for auction. A curious detail is that the identity of the artists is only revealed after the public post-mint live reveal event on PROOF’s YouTube channel.

Grails NFT artist reveal PROOF Collective
The artist reveal of Grail #11 of the second series, “made these for your girl” 

This initiative paves the way for the Collective’s members to directly interact with the works of world-class digital artists and expand their collections with exclusive, high-value NFTs. But Grails is not just about collecting digital art. It’s about fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artistic process and the creators behind these unique pieces.

PROOF Collective vs other NFT ecosystems

When traversing the expansive landscape of NFT projects, PROOF Collective clearly stands out as one of the most promising ventures, standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and DeGods.

PROOF Collective, in its innovative stride, has demonstrated remarkable adeptness at launching interconnected collections. This skill sets them apart, especially when considering the tumultuous reception that Azuki’s Elementals collection received, which led to a significant drop in both Azuki and Elementals’ floor prices.

In terms of community engagement, while DeGods and Bored Ape Yacht Club have successfully cultivated robust and active communities, they haven’t fully utilized the power of lore or storytelling.  Moreover, the PROOF podcast has been instrumental in fostering the community, keeping the discourse lively, and facilitating collective growth. This approach has made it possible for PROOF Collective to continue captivating and sustaining the interest of NFT enthusiasts.

Lastly, PROOF Collective’s innovation in infusing animation into its NFT collections, like Doodles and Pudgy Penguins, is another testament to its forward-thinking ethos. This unique approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of its NFTs but also sets a new benchmark for other projects in the space. As the NFT ecosystem continues to evolve, PROOF Collective’s innovative strategies are certainly ones to watch.

Controversies surrounding PROOF Collective

Even though PROOF Collective was launched with the best intentions, the project has had to deal with a wide range of controversies—these range from overpromising and underdelivering celebrity endorsements to debates around intellectual property and controversial leading figures. 

In August 2022, project founder Kevin Rose stated that Moonbirds and Oddities would enter a CC0 Public License, allowing anybody to use the IP as they see fit. This rubbed feathers the wrong way with the community that perhaps paid thousands of dollars to get into the Moonbirds community. (source)

In April 2022, former COO Ryan Carson purchased rare Moonbirds hours after their reveal. Only to then leave the company and start his own fund. After the reveal various celebrities also received free Moonbirds NFT, but the celebrity endorsements happened without proper disclosure. This lack of transparency hurt the project’s reputation. 

In addition, PROOF Collective seemed to be on the bad end of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) disaster in the Spring of 2022. The unclarity surrounding the fallout damaged the team’s reputation and made people doubt their financial responsibility. In the end, all funds were safu. But by then, some of the damage had already been done. 

How to join the Collective?

Joining the PROOF Collective is a rather exclusive process. The gateway to membership is through ownership of one of their 1,000 PROOF membership NFTs. These NFTs are often bought and sold on secondary markets, specifically platforms like OpenSea.

DappRadar data points out that the average price for a PROOF membership pass is over $34.920. Once you secure a PROOF membership NFT, you’re officially part of the Collective.

However, if you own any other PROOF NFT, like Moonbirds, you are also entitled to join the PROOF Discord server and engage with the community. This will not, however, make you one of the 1,000 OG “Moonbirds Elders” – pass holders’ new titles starting from January 2025.

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