Pranksy Went Big into Party Degenerates NFT Collection

party degenerates NFT collection

What do Party Degenerates whales buy, and can we discover the latest trend?

We’re living in unprecedented times, especially considering the rise of the blockchain technology and the increasingly popular non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have taken the world by storm. The impetus doesn’t seem to slow down, as every day new NFTs show up on the market. One of these NFTs that have just arrived to the party, is Party Degenerates.

Consisting of 10,000 NFTs, Party Degenerates is a collection whose team maintains represent ‘the rebellious spirit of those who choose to celebrate life, rather than merely living it’. 

These ‘professional misfits’ have been developed in collaboration with a roster of prominent digital artists and emerging talents in the broader NFT community. Every single Party Degenerate is programmatically generated and unique, with some being rarer than others.

The core team includes entrepreneurs, developers, community leaders, and one of the biggest and most influential NFT collectors in the space. They all came together from different continents, ‘united by a common passion for entertainment, art, music, and a vision to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds’.

Over $28 million in one day

Being a very fresh NFT collection, Party Degenerates haven’t yet had the chance to circulate much outside their initial drop. In the 24 hours prior to writing this post (October 19, 2021), Party Degenerates had reached a trading volume of over $28 million. This was accomplished with the participation of more than 4,000 traders, in 11,269 trades.

Top sellers and big collectors

The most expensive Party Degenerate sold so far is the NFT #666, which sold for 6.66 ETH ($25,297) by a buyer called Vertinadx on OpenSea, also known as millennia.eth. The second-best, #638, changed wallets for 1.5 ETH ($5,697). They were closely followed by #640, #664 (also to Vertinadx), and #677 – all of which also went for 1.5ETH. You can follow all their purchases using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

We can conclude that top collectors of Party Degenerates are among the most avid NFT enthusiasts. We found blue-chip NFT collections like generative art from Art Blocks, CryptoPunks, and Meebits. In addition there are some newer collections like Habbo Avatars, World of Women and Stoner Cats.

A look into the whale wallets

For now, the wallet partydegenerates.eth holds 200 (2%) of these NFTs, and the famous collector Pranksy holds a same amount of Degenerates. partydegenerates.eth owns no other NFTs except these. The total worth of the NFTs they have in their wallet is $624.37k.

Pranksy, however, is a whole different story. As an avid collector of NFTs, Pranksy’s entire collection is worth nearly $1B (or over $923M, to be more specific). Their other favorites include 2,175 CryptoKitties, 300 HashDemons, 500 Noobs, 500 Polymorphs, 203 Stoner Cats, 427 World of Women tokens, 46 Art Blocks, and 102 Baby Dino Club tokens.

The third-largest holder has 8,464 NFTs from 77 collections, with a total worth of $3.76M. In addition to 160 Party Degenerates, their other prized possessions include 3,214 Axie Infinity NFTs, 25 Hashmasks, 1 Cool Cats NFT (worth over $222k), 31 Rarible NFTs, 7 Meebits, 5 Art Blocks, and 22 CryptoTrunks.

The fourth-best whale only has PartyDegenerates in their wallet – 154 of them, to be more precise. In fifth place is another PartyDegenerates-only wallet, with 150 of these NFTs. The sixth position is occupied by the holder of $526.310 worth of 564 NFTs from 29 collections. In addition to 90 Party Degenerates, their other notable possessions include 93 Habbo Avatars, 18 Nifty League DEGENs, 80 Super Shiba Club NFTs, 31 Space Capsules, 29 Transponders, and 51 Outlaw Gals MC.

The owner of the most expensive Party Degenerate holds 14 NFTs from 7 different collections, but their total worth is $832.140. In addition to 3 Party Degenerates, this person also holds 2 CryptoPunks (worth a whopping $811.79k) and 3 DeepBlack NFTs. Those sure all are expensive assets.

Most recent acquisitions

We already concluded that these NFT collectors know what they are doing. They hold CryptoPunks and Meebits, buy Art Block generative art and have stepped into Cool Cats, Stoner Cats and Habbo Avatars. Perhaps there recent acquisitions can reveal another upcoming trend.

Pranksy’s other newest possessions include a whole lot of AiCatsNFTs, FlippedDogePound DOGGY NFTs, Dreamers (DRMR), and Doodles, some SquidClub SQUIDs, and Universe of Women UoWs.

Our third runner-up has recently acquired several of each: Art Blocks, BoldAndBrash NFTs, Hashmasks, and SuperRare NFTs. The sixth contestant has recently become the proud owner of several of each: BUTTHEADS, SlimHoods, and Rebel Seals, as well as a lot of Fusion (FSN) tokens.

It’s difficult to narrow down a pattern here. Party Degenerates whales also own Art Blocks, Hashmasks, and some other popular NFTs in general (e.g. CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, as well as Habbo Avatars we mentioned in our last post). 

However, considering that Pranksy has devoted this much of their attention to them, it’s worth keeping an eye on these. It’s quite possible that Party Degenerates will be among the top NFT collection for the weeks or months to come.

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