Prada Teams up with Adidas and Gmoney on new NFT Collection

Prada Teams up with Adidas and Gmoney on new NFT Collection

The collection will drop early next week

Gmoney.eth has stirred the spirits in the NFT space with a recent tweet announcing a collaborative collection with Prada and Adidas. Details regarding the collection are still scarce. However, the official website hints that more will be revealed on January 24th. There’s also a possibility the drop will happen then as well.

Gmoney.eth is a big name in the NFT space, and this is not his first collaborative effort with Adidas. The sportswear brand already launched a collection with the influencer, alongside Bored Ape Yacht Club late last year. However, this is Prada’s first entry into the NFT space, which makes the upcoming drop an event in itself. 

Looking at the little detail that has been revealed so far, the collection will be a spin on re-using, re-cycling and re-thinking. The official name of the upcoming collection is Re-Source. Adidas and Prada have already teamed up to create the physical Re-Nylon line of clothing and accessories. The upcoming NFT drop will be a natural continuation of this collaboration. 

Prada joins big fashion brands in NFT race

Prada is the latest in a long list of fashion and clothing brands that have actively become present in the NFT space. Collaborator Adidas has already made strides with its Originals NFT drop, which generated $1.72 million in trading volume in the past 24 hours alone. 

Adidas’ main competitor Nike made even bigger strides recently, by purchasing metaverse fashion brand RTFKT. Other high-fashion brands like Gucci and Burberry have already released a number of NFT projects as well. 

As the metaverse and virtual worlds continue to gain prominence in the crypto space, digital fashion is going to find increased demand. Therefore big names in the fashion industry are already looking to offer the supply to satisfy this demand. Partnerships are springing left and right, and Prada’s collaborative efforts with Adidas and Gmoney are just the latest. Stay tuned January 24th is just around the corner.

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