Position Exchange, the Thriving Derivatives Trading Protocol

Everything you need to know about earning money on Position Exchange with its native token POSI

The decentralized trading protocol Position Exchange enables traders, liquidity providers and developers to participate in the open financial market with no barriers to entry. Operating on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), its native token POSI is deflationary and offers generous staking benefits.

Position Exchange brings advanced trading tools and sophisticated information to the cryptocurrency markets. By enhancing trading experiences, it bridges the gap between experienced traders and newcomers in crypto. Its native token, POSI, is a BEP20 token on BSC that powers its ecosystem.

Position Exchange is a new decentralized trading protocol, founded in June 2021. Its native token public sale took place in July. Since then, the platform and its token POSI are growing at a staggering rate.

Position Exchange Under the Hood

In brief, a virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) powers the DEX and trading platform. The exchange operates on Binance Smart Chain and brings decentralized derivatives trading through its POSI token. At the time of writing, POSI token is the 11th most valuable token on BSC in terms of TVL. POSI’s TVL reached $50 million in early November. 

Position Exchange is off to a strong start in DeFi, where the race for TVL dominance is increasingly competitive. According to DappRadar, the industry-wide TVL reached  $219.8 billion in October 2021. However, 7 blockchains host 93% of the industry’s TVL. What would happen to POSI token’s price if it were to take a slice of the pie?

The testnet for Position Exchange Launch protocol goes live on 12th November. From this point onwards, users can trade decentralized derivatives and take advantage of all features. As is the case for almost all crypto projects, those who jump in early reap the rewards.

The key USP for Position Exchange is the derivative trading of crypto assets in a highly secure way. Derivative trading is when traders speculate on the future price action of an asset via the buying or selling of derivative contracts. A sophisticated trade, it’s typically available to those in legacy financial markets. However, with Position Exchange, all users can take advantage of derivatives trading tools.

Furthermore, fees and slippage are low, while users can trade with high leverage if desired. Most importantly, however, is that 100% of trading fees are used to buy back and burn POSI tokens. In essence, Position Exchange delivers all the advantages of DeFi while delivering traditional CeFi tools to users. 

What is POSI?

POSI is a utility token, a trading incentive and a liquidity provider. Furthermore, the token encourages decentralized governance of the protocol as POSI tokens accrue voting rights proportional to holdings.

The token is also deflationary as the POSI team instigated an “anti-whale” rule to prevent price manipulation. Similarly, a “harvest lock-up period” prevents bots and whales from dumping on the market. Trading fees buyback and burn POSI tokens, creating a positive feedback loop between trading and holding. So how can you get your hands on it?

It’s probably a good time to mention the POSI Airdrop, taking place in the week from Monday 15th November. There is $3000 worth of POSI up for grabs, in partnership with DappRadar. Click here for more info.

Financially savvy traders can also take advantage of POSI’s staking programs. Users can stake and earn on their POSI immediately, while yields average over 100%. Currently, the top pools are POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB, where APR is in excess of 400%. You work hard, so why not make your crypto work hard for you too?

In the not too distant future, POSI traders will be able to mint NFTs, farm liquidity provider tokens and much more. Plus there’s the $3000 Airdrop we’ve discussed. With $50 million in TVL in just 3 months, POSI’s future is very bright. 

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