Portals Open Up the Metaverse on Solana

Portals Open Up the Metaverse on Solana
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A virtual world NFT collection called Portals is topping the Solana charts

As the demand for virtual worlds increases, Portals aims to connect the Solana blockchain with the rest of the metaverse. The Portals NFT collection of virtual world access keys has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts, boosting its user base to more than 4000 unique traders in the past 30 days. 

Banking on the hype surrounding the metaverse at the moment, Portals has managed to outpace big Solana NFT collections like Monkey Kingdom, Sol Chicks, and Solana Monkey Business. The metaverse access key collection has also recorded the highest trading volume among Solana NFT collections, boasting more than $9 million in the past 30 days.

What is the Portals NFT collection?

Portals is an NFT collection of 5000 access key cards that allow owners to own a space in the Portals virtual world. Taking a slightly different approach than major competitors like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and WorldWideWeb3, Portals offers access keys instead of empty land plots. 

Each access key entitles the owner to a ready-made, yet customizable space in the Portals virtual world. According to the Portals team, the idea to release access keys instead of land plots was to kick start activity on the platforms. Portals offers a complete space, where players enter and already have a furnished flat. Of course, owners can then customize their plot further, display their NFTs, switch around the layout, etc. 

Importantly, Portals features a fully integrated audio and video chat functionality. This allows access key owners to invite friends, host events, and organize gatherings. In essence, Portals offers a complete virtual world experience. There is also the added bonus of an already set-up space once you enter. 

The metaverse comes to Solana

The metaverse is one of the hottest topics of the year, especially since Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta. According to the DappRadar 2021 Industry Report, the metaverse is steadily gaining traction, outpacing other sectors of the blockchain space. 

Considering the huge growth this sector has seen, it is no surprise that more protocols join the virtual world race. While the big names in the metaverse are currently operating predominantly on Ethereum, Solana has a lot to offer as a competitor. Portals is among the first virtual world projects to launch on the Solana blockchain. Notably, besides introducing the metaverse to the Solana audience, the collection also offers crypto enthusiasts a relatively accessible entry point. The floor price for a land plot in The Sandbox is around 3 ETH or $12,187. On the other hand, the cheapest Portal access key is currently 10.98 SOL, or about $2,049. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the metaverse as more protocols join the hype train. If you want to learn the latest news surrounding virtual worlds, follow DappRadar on Twitter and Discord. To get the latest NFT data (we’re talking data from the last 15 minutes), check out DappRadar PRO

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