Polygon DeFi Grants for Their Community of Builders

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Large volume grants to support builders, developers and community initiatives

Polygon is working towards more decentralization, and with that launched the Community Treasury Governance Model to support developers, builders and other initiatives with grants. Capital from the treasury needs to empower, develop and enrich the community with funding. 

In the QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead to Polygon” podcast, which will rebrand to “The Aggregated” this May, the Polygon team revealed that its innovative treasury governance model is spearheaded by a Community Treasury Board (CTB), composed of five nominated experts who are committed to principles of decentralization and ecosystem growth. 

The board needs to determine grant allocation strategies, while also reviewing applications, approving expenditures and conducting post-cycle reporting. Following the Web3 way, transparency and accountability are two valuable characteristics of this initiative. All this needs to tie in a yet to be formulated overarching vision that aligns with the long-term objectives of the Polygon ecosystem. 

Even though the board consists of 5 experts, the role of the wider community should not be underestimated. Through the governance model all stakeholders have a voice. Token holders and users can participate in regular community calls and ongoing forum discussions, while decisions regarding fund allocations will often be put to a community vote. 

Village Grants to help founders grow

Earlier this year, Polygon announced their Polygon Village Grants. Through this grant program they will distribute 110 million MATIC, current value almost $75 million, to founders and their projects in the Polygon ecosystem. 

They already had the BUIDL on Polygon grant for builders and creators on Polygon PoS, while the Infra on Polygon grant was aimed at developers who build infrastructure services and tools for the entire Polygon ecosystem, including Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM. The latest additions are the zkBuilders DeFi Grants.

zkBuilder DeFi Grants on Polygon zkEVM

Through the zkBuilder Grants, the zkBuilder Decentralized Grants Council, wants to empower developers to quickly scale the ability to ship native products. In addition, the council is looking to onboard more users on Polygon zkEVM, while fostering collaboration between different teams. This starts with the zkBuilder DeFi Grants to attract financial services to the ecosystem. 

Developers need to make sure that their projects add value to Polygon zkEVM by differentiating from existing products. In addition, it’s important to consider which Polygon zkEVM features they use, and how these features add value to a project. The projects applying for this grant can either be native to Polygon zkEVM, or multi-chain. 

Closing words

As the leading Web3 podcast QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead to Polygon” will rebrand to QuickSwap’s “The Aggregated”, the wider Polygon ecosystem is setting up for further growth. This growth will happen through community votes and decisions from the Community Treasury Board, positioning Polygon zkEVM as the best interconnected ecosystem to build the future of Web3 on. 

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