PolyCrystal on Polygon Raises the Bar for Yield Farms

PolyCrystal partners with Polyroll, FarmHero, and ApeTools

PolyCrystal, one of the newest decentralized yield farming opportunities on the Polygon blockchain, has announced several key partnerships in the past couple of weeks. Not only that, the team wants to fight deflation and ensure that the native CRYSTL token remains stable. 

PolyCrystal is becoming a leading force on the Polygon blockchain, thanks to several successful partnerships. Polyroll, FarmHero, and ApeTools all joined up with the PolyCrystal team in order to make yield farming on Polygon even better.

Recently, the platform also introduced a soft cap for its native token in order to fight against inflation. This deflationary tactic is an important step towards creating a more secure and stable yield farming environment on the Polygon blockchain. You can find out more about the CRYSTL soft cap and tokenomics in the graphic below. 


In the past seven days, the total volume going through PolyCrystal smart contracts in the past 24 hours is steadily rising, increasing by more than 300%.

The platform is also in an official partnership with ApeSwap and two of ApeSwap’s founders, Obie Dobo and Harambe Nakamoto, serve as advisors for the DeFi solution.

Staking and yield farming on PolyCrystal

 PolyCrystal differentiates itself from other DeFi solutions by offering native token staking pools. CRYSTL, the native token of the farm, can be stacked in multiple pools, which can return various other tokens and stablecoins. Staking CRYSTL in a pool gives users the opportunity to earn major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. These include ETH, wBTC, DAI, and USDC at over 400% APR. 

According to the official roadmap, expanding the list of staking pools is a major focus. The team plans to introduce over 30 CRYSTL staking pools by the end of July.

In addition, PolyCrystal currently supports numerous yield farms, some of which can have over 500% APR. 

Shed light on DeFi

Another major focus for the platform is to make decentralized finance accessible and understandable for as many people as possible. In order to do that, the team started producing the Crystal Clear Educational Series. Through these series, the founders and developers are aiming to inform and teach those both new and experienced with DeFi and Polygon.

In order to further boost interest in the Polygon blockchain, the platform also introduced a Matic Faucet for their website. This tool allows users new to Polygon to receive a little $MATIC for free to complete their transactions.

PolyCrystal is showing remarkable engagement with its community. Aditionally, the results the DeFi solution presents in just several weeks are impressive. Stay tuned to find out more about decentralized finance, yield farming, and staking opportunities. 

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