Plena Finance Launched PLENA Token Airdrop Campaign

Plena Finance token airdrop campaign
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Weekly challenges full of discovery will help you to earn rewards

Starting from 11 March, Plena Finance has launched their Road to TGE, a series of weekly challenges hosted on engagement platform Galxe for their PLENA token airdrop. These challenges educate users about the PLENA ethos, as they unravel the pivotal role of Account Abstraction. 

Plena Finance is preparing one of the biggest airdrops of 2024 with their ‘PLENA Road to TGE’ campaign. Users get to dive into the world of PLENA. Each week they need to explore the Plena app, and the way it uses Account Abstraction. These quests are your gateway to comprehending Plena Finance’s ambitious vision and cutting-edge technology. 

With the Plena app for Android and iOS devices, users get access to a powerful set of tools to swap, buy, sell and use over 100,000 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, integrated portfolio management and the ability to utilize dapps, places Plena at the forefront. With PLENA on the horizon, the app is ramping up for its next chapter.

How to embark on this adventure?

Participation in the Galxe challenge is straightforward, offering everyone a chance to be part of the airdrop:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Create a profile by syncing your wallet and Twitter.
  3. Return each week to face new challenges and show your unwavering support.

In celebration of the Plena community and in anticipation of their Token Generation Event (TGE), they’re dedicating 2% of their total token supply to the PLENA Quests.

Road the TGE and the essence of partnerships

As Plena Finance marches towards their TGE, they’re excited to shine a light on Plena and its transformative offerings, in partnership with esteemed allies such as Viction Chain, ChainGPT, Aitech, Decubate, and DAO Maker. This campaign serves as a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to their community and the ethos of listening and evolving based on user feedback.

This campaign fosters deeper community engagement through an array of interactive tasks. Each week unveils new aspects of the PLENA ecosystem, highlighting their launchpad partners and blockchain integrations. By participating, you’ll not only gain points for activities ranging from social media engagement to app transactions, but also stand a chance to earn whitelist spots, among other incentives.

The Plena app explained

Plena Finance is building Plena, a ‘crypto super app’ where users can send, receive, swap and bridge assets with a single tap. The app utilizes Account Abstraction to give users more control over their crypto, while also making things smoother and easier. 

It redefines the web3 user experience, showcasing how the app stands apart in the crypto landscape. Through the quest journey, you’ll learn more about the PLENA tokens and their integral role in the Plena Finance ecosystem, all while being at the forefront of a revolutionizing change.

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