PlayDapp’s Flagship RPG Boosting Play-to-Earn Mechanics

PlayDapp’s Flagship RPG Boosting Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Make passive income with Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn

PlayDapp is an Ethereum and Polygon blockchain gaming marketplace and gaming studio where users can buy, sell, trade, and exchange game items. Impressively, PlayDapp is now on the road to boosting the play-to-earn movement with a significant update to its flagship RPG game Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn. Pre-registration for the game is now live on PlayDapp.

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn is a mobile RPG. It allows players to battle each other and earn NFTs in the process. However, as the play-to-earn movement gains momentum, PlayDapp has decided to revamp the concept for the game. This will happen through new and improved earning mechanics. 

Earn PlayDapp’s PLA tokens

With the new version of Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, players will get the opportunity to receive daily and weekly rewards. Importantly, these rewards will be paid out in PlayDapp’s native token PLA. Along with the Gods fans will receive 5 PLA for completing daily quests. Additionally, they will be able to compete for the weekly top spot and a reward of 5000 PLA in PVP.  

Importantly, to be eligible to earn these daily and weekly rewards, players will need to own a certain number of PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs. PLAYZ NFTs lay at the foundation of the PlayDapp ecosystem and come in three different rarity levels – R, SR, and SSR. The number of NFTs required to be eligible for PLA rewards is determined by their rarity. 

Players who stake three SR NFTs become eligible while staking only one SSR rating NFT also unlocks the play-to-earn mechanics of Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn. To learn more about PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs, you can check out this handy article. Those with PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs can begin pre-staking now. 

Play-to-earn is blossoming

PlayDapp’s decision to upgrade Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn with deeper play-to-earn mechanics is not surprising. There is a budding shift in perception in the gaming industry. More players turn to earning from games rather than paying to play.  

According to the latest DappRadar Blockchain User Behaviour Report, the play-to-earn movement is reaching new regions. Game-related traffic increased considerably in Iran, the Nordics, France, and various African countries. Considering this vast reach, PlayDapp is on the right track to attract even more players.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the play-to-earn sector and PlayDapp. The studio continues to work on new earning opportunities for players and this is exciting. Stay tuned to find out the latest about Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn. Importantly, sign up for the pre-registration to get the game first!

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