PhantaBear Climbs NFT Rankings, Beats Doodles and MAYC

PhantaBear Climbs NFT Rankings, Beats Doodles and MAYC

PhantaBear is the collection with the highest trading volume in the past 24 hours

PhantaBear, a newcomer to the Ethereum NFT family, has had an impressive run in the past couple of days, becoming the most traded collection in the past 24 hours. Impressively, the PhantaBear NFT collection also ranks pretty high in the weekly DappRadar rankings, outperforming big names like Doodles, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club. 

PhantaBear is a collection of 10.000 algorithmically generated digital collectibles that double as membership cards for the Ezek Club. Ezek Club aims to become one of the best exclusive hotspots on the blockchain where members will be able to rent out metaverse land, organize events and shows, and experience the full potential of an access-only virtual world. 

In addition to Ezek Club access, PhantaBears are impressive in design. Every Phanta Bear features clothing and accessories designed by PHANTACi, a fashion brand co-founded by Jay Chou in 2006. Importantly, PHANTACi’s involvement with the collection does not stop there, as several of the PhantaBears will have their outfits featured in a real-life fashion collection called the Phantaci Spring 2022 collection. 

PhantaBear and Ezek aim for the metaverse

The PhantaBear NFT collection is only the first step in an ambitious roadmap. The team aims to create a complete metaverse experience for Ezek Club members. According to the official website, towards the middle of 2022, PhantBear holders will get access to the Ezek virtual world. There they’ll be able to purchase land plots and create virtual events. 

Ezek club’s ultimate goal is to create an intricate network of creators and fans who can collaborate on virtual experiences. The PhantaBear NFTs will serve as an access key to the whole Ezek virtual universe. 

Created by a team of creatives backed by the Matrix Labs technical team, PhantaBear has the potential to become a top NFT collection. With an ambitious roadmap and significant interest already building surrounding the cute bear designs, this project is only getting started. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring PhantaBear as its prominence builds up. You can also keep a close eye on this rising star if you join DappRadar PRO. PRO gives you access to NFT sales data from as little as the last fifteen minutes. It also grants exclusive access to Discord discussions and channels. Stay tuned, and follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest NFT news first.

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