Pegaxy: Horse Racing, Earning and Ownership

Fast-paced play-to-earn horse racing

The play-to-earn gaming model is increasingly appealing to both DeFi and mainstream gamers, with more titles that straddle these categories joining the space each day. Pegaxy is one of the more successful titles, and is a great example of how the gaming market is evolving into a brand new scene.

A futuristic play-to-earn PVP mythological horse racing game, Pegaxy sets the player on a horse racetrack where they race their mythological creature – a Pega – against opponents. Pegas are the descendants of the fabled Pegasus and are represented by NFTs that vary in value based on their rarity and class.

It pays to be one of the best

In the game, a player races their Pega against 11 opponents to qualify for one of the top three positions. Each race features randomized weather elements, such as wind, fire, water, and lightning that affect the odds of success. Pegas can also be rented or bred for resale profit, for fun, or even for your scholars (renters).

The racehorses fall into four categories called bloodlines, with some rarer than the others and each adaptable to a specific element. The bloodlines include Campona (bonded with fire), Hoz (lightning), Klin (water), and Zan (wind). 

To start, you’ll first need to connect your wallet to the Polygon chain and Pegaxy game website. Then, you’ll need to purchase or rent a Pega from the Marketplace. Once you’ve done this, you can click the Enter Race button to get into a lobby matching your Pega’s class.

Once the lobby fills up, the player gets 60 seconds to examine the track variables and add gear that will help their Pega match them. After one minute is up, the race begins. Players can enter any race for free, but only if they’re among the top three can they reap the VIS rewards.

Pegaxy tokens and how to earn them

The Pegaxy game uses several tokens, all built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain.

Vigorus (VIS) is the utility token that can be earned by racing as one of the top three racers, as well as by breeding, renting, or selling the Pegas. The Pegaxy earning system facilitates the creation of large guilds, supports scholarship programs, and even allows solo players to earn income through daily races.

The Pegaxy Stone (PGX) token is a governance token and can be used for purchasing Pegas, breeding fees, and competition rewards. Once the staking goes live, players will be able to stake their tokens in the treasury and receive PGX rewards, along with the ability to vote on important developments.

Therefore in Pegaxy, earning is possible by:

  • racing their Pega horse in PVP mode
  • renting out their Pega in the Rental Marketplace
  • selling new or high-performing Pega on the Marketplace
  • collecting rare Pega and reselling them
  • participating in Pegaxy’s global competition called the Grand Dash which takes place over 12 months and offers rich PGX rewards.

The price of PGX at the moment of writing was $0.78, which is a staggering 209.9% increase compared to just one month before. The VIS token is also making great progress, rising by 374.1% over the previous 30 days, to an average price of $0.18.

In the Pegaxy rental ecosystem, Pega owners are Managers and the Pega renters are Scholars. All rewards are automatically distributed according to the agreed rental profit share (e.g. 65% to the scholar and 35% to the manager). The rented Pega is held in the escrow manager, so there’s no need to send the Pega to another wallet or directly to the scholar.

The Fabled Tokens (PFT) will provide players with the ability to evolve their normal Pega into an especially rare crowned Pega, once the feature is introduced. These tokens can only be earned by referring a person to the Pegaxy game and having them buy at least one Pega. They remain in your wallet until you use them, burn them, or sell them on the P2P marketplace.

Racing toward the future

The Pegaxy game project was born after a simple message on Discord in February 2021 and has already made great strides. The game’s 3D beta launched in January 2022, gathering enormous player interest, raising $3,800,000 in funds, and selling out all of its NFTs in only 20 minutes.

The team has a great many plans and ideas for the future, including many things that have never been seen in the play-to-earn space. The current road map for the first quarter of 2022 is full of exciting initiatives. These include a web and mobile 3D racing beta, swap widget and RAMP integration, name-change feature, notifications, initial food sale, official web game release, and crowned Pegas.

The second quarter expects the introduction of guilds, a Hackathon, the first Stadium sale, the initial gear sale and lootbox/gacha system, and the Android beta release. Plans for the rest of the year include the official mobile game release, skill-based game controls, the first Grand Dash tournament, and the introduction of the Community Treasury.

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