PEAKDEFI Launchpad Offers Crypto Investors Quality Projects with High ROI

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Launchpads have become the gateway to blockchain projects in various product categories

PEAKDEFI Launchpad strives to present a myriad of high-quality blockchain projects, bringing more investment opportunities to investors with different appetites. Meanwhile, the launchpad platform provides promising projects with the resources for their business to thrive, find an audience and make a splash in the market.

In the traditional financial (TradFi) system, individuals with limited capital can’t enjoy advanced investment services. For example, high-quality private equity or venture capital projects are only available to billionaires and corporate investors. As a result, these ‘less important investors‘ usually end up doing their own research to seek the best investment options and are overwhelmed by an ocean of possibilities. Arguably, this leads to the further widening of the fortune gap.

The emergence of cryptocurrency has opened the door for individual investors to more fair, transparent, and diverse investment opportunities. However, the abundance of options still leaves investors in confusion. In response, PEAKDEFI introduced its own launchpad to connect high-quality projects and potential investors effectively.

What is PEAKDEFI Launchpad?

PEAKDEFI Launchpad aims to benefit promising projects and investors at the same time. On the one hand, PEAKDEFI equips highly talented teams with all the necessary resources for their projects to take off. It endeavors to become an all-in-one partner of start-up projects by providing services including fundraising, business advice, marketing, and more. In this way, PEAKDEFI ensures that all the projects in their database are valuable and of great potential. Notably, it is all thanks to PEAKDEFI’s years of experience in developing and launching crypto startups.

On the other hand, PEAKDEFI provides investors with a 360-degree analysis of investment targets, including tokenomics, the team behind it, use cases, long-term value, financial situation, roadmap, and so on. In the crypto market investors get overloaded with new Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) and Initial Game Offerings (IGO), PEAKDEFI Launchpad helps people find exceptional projects with high potential returns on investment (ROI) with peace of mind.

To fulfill such goals, PEAKDEFI will: 

  • Set high standards for project evaluation. Projects will go through a 5-stage due diligence before they get listed. It is to protect investors from preventable risks and help maximize returns.
  • Keep pool allocation fair to all. PEAKDEFI created a tier system that enables everyone to get the right portion of each pools’ allocation.
  • Leverage smart contracts for efficiency. PEAKDEFI Launchpad employs smart contracts to enable automated project launch and fundraising processes.

Upcoming projects

Currently, PEAKDEFI Launchpad has already attracted many exciting projects to join. These projects come from different areas of the blockchain industry, ranging from games to NFTs.


Tangible is a tangible non-fungible token (TNFT) marketplace that allows anyone to use cryptocurrency to purchase valuable physical goods from the world’s leading suppliers, which allows users to redeem for the physical item at any time. Upon the purchase of an asset listed on Tangible, a TNFT is minted representing the physical item.


BioworkerZ is a play-to-earn game available on mobile devices. It is a perfect combination of two all-time classic mobile games: Temple Run and Hill Climb Racing. It is a collect-and-run gameplay optimized with a 3D experience where you can collect the in-game tokens, BIOZ, as rewards.


PEAK is the token behind PEAKDEFI that powers the platform. It’s an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply will be 2,000,000,000 PEAK. The distribution of the token is as follows:

Peakdefi high roi

The PEAK token has various utilities to benefit holders. First, holders will be able to stake their PEAK to participate in projects’ crowdfunding. Moreover, you can invest your PEAK token in the PEAKDEFI Global Fund, which works similarly to fund investment in TradFi, but in a decentralized way. It will save investors from the agony of creating asset portfolios by themselves while maximized investment outcomes can still be guaranteed. Last but not least, holding PEAK tokens will grant you the right to vote on any upcoming governance proposals.

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PEAKDEFI is a self-funded project that brings promising projects to the DeFi community. It started in 2020 and has since established itself as an ecosystem powered by PEAK token and various Web3 dapps. The ecosystem includes a Global Fund, which automatically helps investors achieve the best investment performance through smart contracts. PEAKDEFI has the most efficient multichain DeFi wallet for iOS and Android. It provides users with direct access to their NFT collection, a fast dapp browser, and staking features, all in one mobile app.

To learn more about PEAKDEFI and Launchpad, check out the following channels:

Launchpad Website

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