Participate in Streamr Brubeck Testnet and Earn Rewards

Participate in Streamr Brubeck Testnet and Earn Rewards

Sign up now and participate in the 2 million DATA rewards pool

Streamr is building a peer-to-peer network for real-time data distribution, and the project recently launched its first Brubeck Testnet. Тhis means that users are now able to participate in the test phase of the Brubeck mainnet and earn rewards.  Recently the Streamr community unanimously approved a 2 million DATA rewards pool to spread among testnet participants. 

Brubeck Testnet 2 is on the horizon, taking place this week, on Thursday the 16th of September. In order to participate in the release, users will need to download a special testnet version of the Streamr Broker node software. They will need to run the software for the lifespan of the testnet. DATA rewards will be distributed on the xDai sidechain and credited towards user wallets when the testing phase ends. 

Interestingly, unlike traditional blockchain-based testnet launches, Brubeck won’t require any mining efforts from users. Instead, the network utilizes the bandwidth idle hardware can offer – this can be a laptop, a PC, or even a Raspberry Pi. 

What is Streamr Network?

Streamr Network is the backbone of the operational capabilities of the Streamr platform. The network essentially facilitates contact and distribution between data providers and data consumers. In other words, Streamr Network serves as a global publish/subscribe messaging service. For a more detailed look at Streamr’s functionalities, check out the official documentation.

Streamr allows a ton of flexibility as users can interact with its services directly through the Streamr Core interface or through utilizing SDKs and APIs. The fact that Streamr is completely peer-to-peer based and decentralized, creates a permissionless and neutral network for real-time data. 

This network is highly suitable for use cases such as data sharing and data monetization. Thanks to the easy-to-use and accessible, integrated marketplace, users can search for data streams and purchase access to them. 

Streamr + Ethereum = DATA

In order to benefit from the powers of blockchain technology, Streamr created DATA, an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. DATA serves as the native token on the platform and allows users to participate in economic relationships and financial transactions.

Additionally, Ethereum provides a second layer of security for Streamr users. All personal data and profile identification are stored on the blockchain. Not only that, the blockchain ensures that there is no need for a middleman to interact with any of the data packages or transactions involved with the service. Essentially, Ethereum allows the network to be completely peer-to-peer.

Scaling Fast

The Brubeck Testnet relies on a web of user-operated nodes. Users can download and install nodes on idle devices and provide bandwidth to the network so that the whole ecosystem functions properly. 

Impressively, only in the last week, Streamr has already registered over 4,000 node operators all over the world. You can check the node distribution and growth here.

Node operators are of huge importance for the successful test phase of the Brubeck mainnet. They are the first wave of users to ever get access to the network, and they need to help the team iron out any bugs and problems. It is encouraging to see how fast the node network is growing. 

If you want to participate in the next testnet phase, and earn rewards in DATA, visit this link to learn how to get started. There will be a new version of the Streamr Broker node software available ahead of Testnet 2. In order to stay up to date with the latest developments around Streamr Network and the Brubeck testnets, follow them on Twitter and Discord

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