PancakeSwap Sees 10.4% User Growth in Past 7-days on BSC

pancake 10 percent

BakerySwap and Goose Finance also moving upwards

PancakeSwap is by far the biggest platform for DeFi on BSC, while in general the DeFi sector on Binance Smart Chain is seeing steady growth. Platforms like PancakeSwap, Goose Finance, and Bakery Swap have each seen their user base grow by 10% or more.

PancakeSwap has grown out to be the biggest DeFi dapp on the market with more than 138 thousand active wallets in the past 7 days. They’ve seen 10.4% growth during that time, according to the DappRadar Dapp Rankings. BakerySwap noted 15.7% growth with 22k active wallets, while Goose Finance grew 11.4% to more than 15k active wallets.

Amidst all this growth, some platforms lost some of their traction. Most notably Venus dropped 18.5% to 9760 active wallets in the past week. 

However, the DeFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain is rapidly developing and new players enter the market on a daily basis. In the past week Profit Circus, from Seascape Network, and Alpaca Finance had notable growth. Their user base increased 1428 percent and 314 percent respectively. 

PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, Venus, and Goose Finance are among the most notable players in the DeFi sector on Binance Smart Chain. Users of these platforms can keep an eye on their portfolios through the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. It’s the easiest way to track investments and to discover new investment tactics by following other wallets. 

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