Over $1 million worth of BAYC and Blue-Chip Collections in Top Sales

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Discover the hottest sales from last week still defying the grizzly bear market.

NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk sales continue to dominate the top ten NFT sales by value lately. Otherdeed by Otherside takes the second rank in last week´s top sales.

The popular collections attract bargain hunters who continue to cash in on the lower price of ETH. Another noticeable trend is Fidenza and Twin Flames ranking sixth and eighth in the charts.

The highest value NFT sale in the last seven days was for a blond surfer-type CryptoPunk #9650 sporting 3D retro cinema sunglasses, which changed hands for 169 ETH, or around $ 265,000. 

Behind this sale is a raft of BAYC NFT collectibles changing hands. More interestingly, the floor price of CryptoPunk NFTs is up more than 50%, with an average volume of 4,97 Million $ in the last seven days. 

Similar to the last few weeks, we also see several generative crypto art pieces selling through the Art Blocks platform. For example, Fidenza #741 for 125 ETH, or around $184,000 in the last week. 

Another interesting sale is Twin Flames #97 selling for 115 WETH, or around $177,000. Twin Flames is a photography NFT project created by @justinaversano as a moving collection of photos of twins, doing what they love. 

Check out the complete list of NFT Sales Highlights below:

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Still defying the odds

The NFT space has felt the hit of the recent crypto bear trends, yet some projects manage to defy the odds. Well-established blue-chip collections like CryptoPunks and BAYC have kept the attention of NFT enthusiasts across the board, and DappRadar will continue monitoring these collections as they push on to new heights. 

To learn more about the NFT space and get the most up-to-date sales data, check out DappRadar PRO. PRO gives you access to exclusive content and community channels on Discord, as well as NFT sales data from as little as the last 15 minutes.  

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as it evolves and brings a new era of crypto investing to the table. To get the latest NFT news and updates first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord server. 

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