Over $1.8 million for Three Virtual Estates – Top 10 NFT Sales

NFT virtual land high demand

Virtual Land Shines Amidst CryptoPunks Craze

Land ownership in virtual game worlds is seeing increased popularity from investors. In the past week, we’ve seen some big moves within several virtual worlds. Axie infinity, Somnium Space, and Cryptovoxels are now all part of this week’s Top 10 NFT Sales, alongside the usual suspects: CryptoPunks and Hashmasks.

Even though Axie Infinity doesn’t have any utility land for their virtual land, trading land on the secondary marketplace is already gaining momentum. Last week an investor acquired 9 of the 228 Genesis land parcels at the center of the game world for approximately $1.49 million dollars. 

During the same week, there have been major sales within Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels, while The Sandbox sold 1200 land parcels and auctioned 9 estates for a total amount of almost 1.5 million dollars. These sales could be an indication that there’s a clear demand for virtual real-estate in new and upcoming virtual worlds. 

Amidst the growing interest in virtual land, CryptoPunks have seen some major acquisitions. Six out of the top ten NFT sales are from zombie punks, even though three of them are from the same buyer. These sales just highlight the growing interest and financial value collectors see in CryptoPunks, the original digital collectibles from 2017. 

Most expensive NFT sales – Feb 8-14

  • Axie Infinity – Genesis land (9 parcels) – 888.25 ETH / $1.49 million (Flying Falcon)
  • CryptoPunks – punk 2329 (zombie) – 140 ETH / $249.982 (KRO)
  • Hashmasks – 11378 – 132 ETH / $235.697 (Danny)
  • CryptoPunks – punk 8472 (zombie) – 130 ETH / $230.208 (0x_b1)
  • CryptoPunks – punk 6784 (zombie) – 130 ETH / $230.208 (0x_b1)
  • CryptoPunks – punk 3489 (zombie) – 130 ETH / $230.208 (0x_b1)
  • CryptoPunks – punk 2306 (zombie) – 125 ETH / $221.354 (anonymous)
  • Somnium Space – 12 XL Estate – 110 WETH / $194.000 (WCB2)
  • Cryptovoxels – 70 Block Fork – 100 ETH / $176.506 (Westcoast Bill)
  • CryptoPunks – punk 9997 (zombie) – 99.99 ETH / $161.588 (anonymous)

One wallet did three of the biggest purchases from last week. 0x_b1 is a true whale wallet. According to the DappRadar portfolio tracker, this user has more than 484 million dollars locked up in DeFi projects. More recently they started investing in NFT projects, and now they have at least 1.5 million dollars in NFT holdings. 

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