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Top 10 NFT Highlights Otherside lands
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Every week DappRadar highlights not only the most expensive NFT sales but also the most interesting in the previous seven days. While big numbers are sure to capture headlines, it’s also essential to highlight emerging trends to keep the DappRadar community ahead of the curve. 

The highest value NFT sale in the previous seven days was for a piece of land in the Yuga Labs Otherside metaverse for 180 ETH, or around $312,000. The third spot belongs to BAYC #8775, which changed hands for 130 ETH or around $228,000. While these two sales stand out from a value perspective, numerous other trends are emerging.  

Nestled tightly in between these two high-value sales, we see an NFT from a collection called ACK Unique Editions, titled Pale Blue Death (a color study). The crypto art piece sold for a staggering 201 ETH, or approximately $350,000. Interestingly, the collection is a collaboration between well-known crypto artists XCOPY and ACK and is a collection of 27 4k images with the strapline – drinks are free, but you’ll never leave. 

However, this NFT sale looks a bit suspicious as the final wallet destination appears to be a burn address. The only time you would do this is to destroy this NFT, which after paying $350,000, seems highly suspicious. Alternatively, burning the NFT creates a higher value for those remaining. Either way – it’s another suspicious NFT sale we need to highlight to our community. 

Crypto art has grown in popularity these last few months as traders and collectors started looking for assets to hedge against global inflation and falling crypto prices. Crypto art, like traditional art, is emerging as a safer hedge right now as it starts to find more appreciation.  

Otherside land rush 

Another trend observed this week is a slight uplift in sales of Otherdeeds land in the Yuga Labs Otherside metaverse project. In the last 24 hours, 126 traders completed 90 sales, increasing by more than 15%. 

The rush could be because the average sale price has now dropped to around 2.3 ETH or about $4,000 for a basic plot. Notably, that value is lower than the original mint price. 

In a nutshell, buyers can secure a piece of land in the most anticipated metaverse project while at the same time benefiting from the expected upside in ETH value should they wish to sell their land. At the other end of the scale, four plots with a value north of $150,000 occurred in the last seven days totaling 529 ETH, or almost 1 million dollars in sales. 


CloneX is a popular NFT collaboration project on the Ethereum blockchain by Nike´s RTFKT and artist Takashi Murakami. These visually appealing 3D characters are designed to interact in the metaverse and can be customized to best represent the identity of their users. The sale of CloneX #1132 for 100.69 ETH, or around $176,000, makes it the eighth highest value NFT sale in the last week.  

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N.B: Dollar values given are correct at the time of the sale

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