Oscar-winning Actor Anthony Hopkins to Launch His First NFT Collection

Oscar-winning Actor Anthony Hopkins to Launch His First NFT Collection
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His Film Roles and Artwork inspire the collection dubbed The Eternal.

Oscar-winning actor and self-taught artist Anthony Hopkins will launch his first-ever NFT collection in partnership with Orange Comet. The collection is called The Eternal, incorporating characters, themes, and styles from Anthony Hopkins’ films and artwork. In addition, the holders of the NFT collection can enjoy numerous exclusive benefits, including a live chat with the actor. 


  • Anthony Hopkins will release his first NFT collection, inspired by his films and personal artwork.
  • The NFT collection consists of 1011 tokens, and the release will start in mid-September. 
  • Orange Comet’s Walking Dead NFT made huge success earlier this year, generating over 3000 ETH in trading volume.
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Celebrity involvement or release of NFT is nothing new nowadays. Celebrities and athletes who have tapped into the NFT sphere include Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, and even Robert De Niro

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Two-time Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins is the latest celebrity who will make a splash in the NFT world. The actor will launch his first NFT collection, The Eternal, in collaboration with the digital entertainment platform Orange Comet.


What is Anthony Hopkins NFTT all about?

Anthony Hopkins is always a man of the art. He became a self-taught painter years ago and held a solo exhibition for his artwork back in 2005. As an artist at heart, Anthony Hopkins’ foray into the NFT with his artwork is a bold venture into this emerging technology for content creation.

The NFT series consists of 1011 tokens, featuring diverse archetypes, including The Jester, The Lover, The Rebel, The Hero, and more. Minting will start in mid-September and go through three phases of release, each with a distinctive category.


Editions and perks of each Category

Anthony Hopkins NFT image

The first is Iconic Category, a one-and-only animated NFT, incorporating all archetypes. Since this token is rarest, it will be sold to the highest bidder in the auction. The winner will enjoy the most privileges by holding this NFT. For example, the winner will have an intimate lunch/brunch with Sir Anthony Hopkins, an autographed art book by the actor, and more. 

The second is the Legendary Category, with ten unique one-of-one animated NFTs featuring a different character archetype. Holders will have a personal discussion with Hopkins via Discord, framed prints of the NFT art autographed by Hopkins, and more.

The last one is Distinguished Category, with 1,000 unique one-of-one images based on the ten archetypes. Moreover, each archetype will have 100 variants, ensuring that each NFT is visually distinctive in its way. 

One of the perks is to own a physical print of the NFT with Hopkins’ autography. In addition, 39 random buyers will receive an autographed “Dreamscapes” art book, and five buyers will be randomly selected to join the Discord chat.

Orange Comet’s previous successful drop: Walking Dead NFT collection

Earlier this year, Orange Comet teamed up with AMC to drop The Walking Dead Walker Access Pass NFT. Each Pass grants a lifetime opportunity to receive and participate in exclusive drops. Furthermore, Pass holders will have first looks/beta access to the planned The Walking Dead metaverse.

The collection made its debut on OpenSea on March 3, 2022, accumulating 3,424 ETH in volume at the time of writing. According to DappRadar NFT Explorer, users are actively trading The Walking Dead NFTs, generating $1,570 in volume over the last 24 hours. 

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