OpenSea Pro & Gemesis Collection Stir Up NFT Marketplaces War

OpenSea Pro & Gemesis Collection Stir Up NFT Marketplaces War

Check out the NFT sales highlights ranking between 3 and 9 April 2023

A new NFT collection climbed to the 7th position in DappRadar’s Rankings last week. Gemesis is minting now and are OpenSea Pro’s limited-edition collectibles to celebrate the launch of its new NFT marketplace aggregator. Is Blur’s rise doomed to end?

Gemesis debuts a new era of the OpenSea empire

OpenSea dropped hot news for the industry last week. The popular marketplace not only launched Gemesis as an official limited-edition NFT collection but also its own NFT marketplace aggregator OpenSea Pro (formerly Gem V2).

Perhaps due to its importance not just to the Gem and OpenSea communities but also to the entire NFT space, Gemesis rose to the 7th position of the Top NFT collections of the week. This placed the new collection between blue-chip collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Clone X.

Gemesis Opensea Pro

The Gemesis collection intends to honor Gem’s early supporters. Therefore only people who bought an NFT through Gem in the past can mint one of these Gemesis NFT gems. 

In its first week, more than 49,501 unique active wallets traded over 81,889 Gemesis NFTs. It managed to reach a volume of $8.51 million.

Gemesis NFTs DappRadar Stats

While not everybody is eligible for this free mint, secondary sales are taking place with a floor price of 0.0495 ETH.

Gemesis floor price

Gem marketplace aggregator is now OpenSea Pro

Back in April 2022, NFT marketplace aggregator Gem was leading the movement and capturing OpenSea’s traders’ attention. That led to it being acquired by OpenSea and, a year later, to becoming OpenSea Pro.

This launch comes at a moment when OpenSea spent months struggling to maintain its position as the leading NFT marketplace.

With the NFT industry developing quickly and the emergence of competitors like marketplace aggregator Blur, the OpenSea empire seemed to be in great jeopardy.

Now, with OpenSea Pro, the brand is once again among the most modern on Web3. It aggregates NFTs from over 170 marketplaces and promises to bring its users the fastest collection updates.

OpenSea fights back

In March 2023, Blur dominated the market for the first time by 70.5%. On the other hand, OpenSea had a market dominance of only 22% – the smallest market share since February 2021.

Little did we know that OpenSea was just getting ready to launch its own marketplace aggregator by fusing with Gem.

So far, Blur is still leading the ranking of NFT marketplaces by volume of sales, but OpenSea Pro may change the way the market is moving. Take a look at the ranking for the past seven days below.

NFT Marketplaces Ranking

As stated in our last Industry Report:

“Blur’s rise to dominance in the NFT market in Q1 2023 is impressive. However, the NFT ecosystem needs to ensure that it’s catering to the needs of every demographic in the space, not just pro traders. The focus needs to be on the long-term growth and sustainability of the ecosystem, not just short-term gains.”

Regardless of how the community of collectors, traders and artists that encompasses the NFT space adopts OpenSea Pro, we at DappRadar will continue to follow this key Web3 project closely.

Check out the list of NFT sales highlights

N.B. Dollar values given are correct at the time of sale.

Every week, DappRadar highlights not only the most expensive NFT sales but also the most interesting in the previous seven days. While huge numbers are sure to capture headlines, it’s also essential to highlight emerging trends and keep the DappRadar community ahead.

What else is hot in NFTs?

Top 10 NFT Collections
  • Nakamigos remains in the #2 position of the Top NFT Collections Ranking. Its volume increased to $21.48M (+7.67%) but had a -41.85% decrease in sales (17,297).
  • The Doge NFT rose to lead Top Fractional NFTs with a total market cap of $15.33M during the week Elon Musk changed Twitter’s logo to the Doge meme.
  • The Memes by 6529 NFTs also benefited from Musk’s tweets after he shared one of the collectibles. Sales volume increased by 2,026% to $808k in the first 24H.

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