What is OOE, the native token of the OpenOcean protocol

OOE token openocean

Understanding the utility of the OOE token

OOE is the native token of OpenOcean, a decentralized aggregation protocol on various blockchains, including Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche. Recently the team also integrated Solana and Fantom, adding even more blockchains to their ecosystem. At the center of this all is the OOE token.

OpenOcean isn’t only an aggregator on various blockchains, picking the best trades for its users. The platform recently also launched its V2, titled OpenOcean Atlantic. As a result the protocol now supports cross-chain swaps between different blockchains.

The OOE token is the governance token of OpenOcean, giving token holders voting rights on the platform. In addition, token holders will see their trading costs reduced during certain promotional events, and there are liquidity mining programs for OOE token holders. Furthermore, OOE token holders enjoy a VIP membership on both the centralized exchange and the decentralized one, while also allowing users to arbitrage between the CEX and DEX. 

There’s a fixed supply of 1 billion OOE tokens, minted on Ethereum and then bridged to various other chains. Users can enjoy liquidity mining promotions on BSC, or earn OOE tokens by trading on the platform. 

The OOE token is available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, HECO, Ontology, and OKExChain. Read the official whitepaper for more detailed information about OOE, and visit the dapp page to gain insight into on-chain activity of the OpenOcean protocol

DappRadar tracks OpenOcean on six blockchains. The platform attracted more than 42.580 user wallets in the past 30 days. That’s an increase of 48% month-over-month. Most activity took place on BSC, followed by Polygon and Avalanche. 

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