One year on, mobile EOS game Upland is going from strength to strength

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DappRadar takes a closer look at one of the most popular dapp games.

EOS-based mobile game Upland has been on a roll in recent weeks in terms of rising daily activity.

It’s been a year since the first building was minted in Upland, although it wasn’t launched publicly until late March 2020.

That event saw the game’s activity quickly climb to over 1,000 daily active unique wallets, making it one of the most popular blockchain games, before falling back to around 700 dailies during April. 

However, May and early June have seen a strong upwards trend that’s been driven by the addition of in-game features and a targeted ad campaign. 

For example, we’ve noticed Upland ads popping up on the crypto-friendly privacy-focused Brave browser, which recently hit 4.8 million daily active users.

The result has seen Upland sustaining well over 1,500 daily active unique wallets, peaking at over 2,000 in mid-June so far. 

And looking at the game’s future roadmap, which promises to allow users to create and add buildings to the locations they own in the game, as well as operate businesses and banks, there’s plenty more to come too. 

You can download Upland for iOS and Android devices. Find out more via its website. Before playing, you can watch our game review below to get an idea of the game mechanics and make setting it up all that much easier!

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