OnChainMonkey NFT Collection Skyrockets as Bitcoin Ordinals Frenzy Takes Over

OnChainMonkey NFT on Bitcoin

Own an ETH OCM Genesis = Owning a BTC OCM Genesis

OnChainMonkey has leveraged the Ordinals protocol to launch “Inscription” on the Bitcoin blockchain, with all 10,000 of its Genesis Ethereum NFTs having a Bitcoin version. The news has brought a huge amount of attention to the project and pushed the trading activity to a fever pitch. Read on to learn more big stories in the NFT space over the past week.

OnChainMonkey’s trading volume soars by 1,417% in just 7 days

On September 11, 2021, OnChainMonkey (OCM) made the entrance into the crypto world through its debut on Ethereum. Today, OnChainMonkey stands proud as the first 10,000-collection to be inscribed on Bitcoin via the Ordinals protocol. 

This exciting milestone means owning an ETH OCM Genesis grants holders the right to own a BTC OCM Genesis.

According to the Twitter announcement, this collection is much more than just a simple jpeg. Instead, it is ‘a generative masterpiece inscribed on the secure and trustworthy Bitcoin blockchain’. Furthermore, the inscription was done with efficiency and care, costing only a few dollars and taking up minimal block space, making it eco-friendly.

OMC’s ultimate goal is to empower its members and build wealth together, not just in terms of finances but in all aspects of life, including physical health, social connectivity, and positive impact on the world. 

On 9 February, OnChainMonkey hinted at its plans to shake up the crypto world, and it did so. The collection registered an explosive rise in volume, generating $1.08 million in one day. The demand for OnChainMonkey’s NFTs continued to soar, with a 7-day volume increase of over 1,400%. Moreover, the collection saw a significant increase in sales with a 548% boost, and a 134% rise in the average NFT trading price. 

Pudgy Penguins’ “Midnight in Paris” event sparks excitement and trading surge

On 9 February, Pudgy Penguins announced their upcoming event on the 24th, “Midnight in Paris,” in collaboration with DeGods NFT. This news generated quite a buzz among the NFT community, as the event is set to be a private and exclusive gathering. To participate, one must possess a Pudgy Penguin or Lil Pudgy NFT. The anticipation surrounding the event gave a surge in Pudgy Penguin’s trading activities. 

Apart from the Midnight in Paris hype, Pudgy Penguins has teamed up with auction house Sotheby’s to introduce Soulbound Tokens (SBTs). By incorporating SBTs, both organizations can utilize the digital authentication technology to better empower their target users. This exciting token release is a glimpse into the future that awaits Pudgy Penguins and Sotheby’s in the NFT landscape.

Over the past seven days, the project has experienced tremendous growth in both its trading volume and the number of sales. The trading volume has skyrocketed to $11.66 million, which is an incredible 335% increase. The sales have also seen a substantial increase of 383%, reaching 1333 in a week. 

A snapshot of noteworthy trends in the NFT space

RTFKT Clones have exclusive access to NIKE’s .SWOOSH

RTFKT recently shared on Twitter about the exclusive access being granted to Clones for .SWOOSH. Each Clone holder will have the opportunity to claim a unique code and establish their .SWOOSH ID. 

.SWOOSH is a portal to Nike’s virtual digital creations. It aims at bringing the growing virtual world within reach for the entire Nike community and welcoming the next million into the realm of Web3.

The CloneX collection has seen a remarkable surge in its 7-day trading volume, totaling $8.74 million, an increase of 160.66%. This is coupled with an equally impressive boost in one-week sales, reaching 1,068, with a growth of 185.56%.

DigiDaigaku’s Super Bowl Ad falls short of viewers’ expectation but the minting goes on fire

Limit Break, a web3 gaming startup, paid $6.5 million for a Super Bowl ad for their game project DigiDaigaku. The ad promised a free Ethereum NFT mint through a persistent QR code, but viewers reported that it only redirected them to the CEO’s Twitter profile.

Despite the absence of a blockbuster Super Bowl commercial, Digidaigaku NFT has managed to maintain traction. Its latest free-to-mint collection, the DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs, has attracted a great deal of attention from collectors and traders, resulting in $2 million in trading volume within 24 hours.

The Genesis collection of Digidaigaku has also witnessed growth, with a significant increase in both volume and sales. In just one week, the volume has risen by 356%, totaling $2.49 million, and sales have seen a 431% boost. 

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