Nude Portraits, Punks & Virtual Real Estate Dominate Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales april 19-25

Ten NFTs with a combined value of $3,7 million

Computer-generated nude portraits, real estate that only exist in a virtual world and pixelated characters are among the most valuable NFTs from last week. These digital assets sold for a combined value of more than $3,7 million. The biggest NFT sales happened across three different collections: CryptoPunks, Decentraland, and SuperRare. 

CryptoPunks remain the most highly sought after NFT collectibles on the market, while there’s a considerable increase in demand for virtual land in Decentraland. These are two trends highlighted by DappRadar in recent times. However, the sales of the AI-generated nude portraits stand out in this list. 

Paris-based digital artist Robbie Barrat created artificial intelligence and made it generate its own nude portraits based on what it had learned from Barrat’s input. AI Generated Nude Portrait #1 was the first digital artwork ever minted through SuperRare, minted by Barrat in 2018. He sold it for $75. In January 2020 the artwork changed hands for $12,351, only to be sold one year later for $112,717. Many consider Barrat’s work a milestone for digital art.

Barrat made a whole series of AI-generated nude portraits. This week number 6 and number 7 with frame number 44 sold for $312,160 and $246,850 respectively. 

Top 10 NFT Sales – April 19-25

  1. CryptoPunks – punk 2484 – $1,02M / 480 ETH  – Owner
  2. Decentraland – $415,380 / 301,000 MANA – Owner
  3. CryptoPunks – punk 6634 – $359,990 / 150 ETH – Owner
  4. SuperRare – An Essay Before Meeting – $325,140 / 136,53 ETH – Owner
  5. SuperRare – AI Generated Nude Portrait #6 – $312,160 / 135 ETH – Owner
  6. Decentraland – $292,100 / 230,000 MANA – Owner
  7. Decentraland – $280,000 / 250,000 MANA – Owner
  8. SuperRare – AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #44 – $246,850 / 110 ETH – Owner
  9. CryptoPunks – punk 9650 – $242,360 / 108 ETH – Owner
  10. CryptoPunks – punk 9097 – $237,660 / 103 ETH – Owner

Highlights from NFT Collections

Thanks to the decrease in value of many cryptocurrencies, we’ve seen a tremendous drop in NFT sales overall. CryptoPunks had 31% less trading volume, now sitting on top with $16,99 million. NBA Top Shot also had a drop of 27% to $14,6 million. However, some collections still managed to create growth week-over-week. 

With three sales in the top 10 NFT sales, it’s no surprise that Decentraland is doing well. They’ve recorded a total trading volume of $2,39 million from 109 sales. And even though Alien Worlds had a shocking 76% drop in trading volume to $1,26 million, their number of traders increased 45% to almost 90 thousand users. At the same time, they had 322,484 sales, which is 32% more than last week.

However, the biggest growth numbers came from F1 Delta Time. The licensed racing game recorded $535,840 in volume, which is an increase of 2252% week-over-week. This amount came from 110 sales, up 111%. A couple of sold race track segments made some big numbers for the racing game.

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