NFTs 4 Peace Calls on Community to Help Ukraine

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New project to raise funds on OpenSea for Ukrainian government

Following Russia’s February 24th invasion of Ukraine, sections of the international community have lent their support to the beleaguered nation. Now, Mars4 and communications agency Fabula: Rud Pedersen Group have teamed up to give their backing to a country in need of help.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, the response from other countries and organizations has been one of overwhelming vocal support for the Ukrainian people. It’s a war that one side imposed upon the other and it has torn families, communities and cities apart. 

Ukraine’s war damage currently tops $565 billion and the bill grows every minute. Over 4.5 million people have fled the country as refugees, while 6.5 million have been internally displaced. Experts estimate that 50% of the Ukraine economy will disappear by the end of this year. 

Faced with these harrowing figures, it seems that international governments’ current levels of aid and assistance will only go so far in rectifying the pain and trauma Ukraine has suffered. For this reason, it’s incumbent on other areas of society to give their time, money, support and expertise where it can be most effectively used.

This is where NFTs 4 Peace comes in. The project was organized by a group of Lithuanian crypto companies and venture capitalists. They hope to harness the power of the web3 community and raise funds to support those who need it most in a country that needs help desperately.

NFTs 4 Peace Collection

The NFTs 4 Peace collection is currently available on OpenSea and everyone who sees injustice in Ukraine is encouraged to take a look and bid on an item. There are 96 NFTs to choose from. The auction ends on April 18th and the collection contains unique pieces, each expertly crafted by artists from around the world.

Image from NFTs 4 Peace collection

100% of proceeds from the sale will go to the Ukrainian government’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. The NFTs 4 Peace team will send the funds in ETH and USDT, in another example of how blockchain technology can be a force for good against authoritarianism. 

For many people, the metaverse, cryptocurrencies and P2E gaming have been a source of fun and entertainment. Now, they provide the opportunity to make a real difference.

Visit OpenSea and choose your favorite item to show that you support justice and freedom. Buying an NFT has never been more meaningful.

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