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Forget centralized photo and video apps

AirWire, a consumer blockchain platform has announced the launch of its beta app featuring an NFT camera. Now, consumers can mint their own NFTs by downloading the app on their mobile phones. The NFT camera claims to reduce NFT technology down to the lowest barrier to entry. Users are invited to “NFT Your Life” by taking photos, videos, or audio through the app and minting them on the blockchain. 

Furthermore, the AirWire NFT camera also has filters and customization that allow the user to mint collections from current and previously captured photos and video, edit the content and post it for sale on the marketplace. Alternatively, users can upload their creations to leading NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

In today’s world, the capturing of moments and then the subsequent reposting to social platforms is all but common practice. However, most don’t understand that once they post their media to a centralized platform such as Facebook or Instagram, they don’t own the rights anymore. AirWire hopes to alter this behavior by allowing users to mint NFTs of these moments and store them on a decentralized platform such as Filecoin and have a private storage solution. One that you as a user have the full rights to. A solution that can become incredibly relevant for mainstream users, influencers, and celebrities. 

AirWire started as a cryptocurrency platform and was relaunched under a beta release in February 2021. Included in the platform’s release were incentivized task features and social media transmission technology that allows influencers to earn tokens through the education of sponsored texts and share those texts via social media. 

Along these lines, there are already several social media dapps operating on the blockchain. PeakD and the Hive blog offer users the chance to earn from their social activity. While Wax recently launched CAIT and Taco which rewards users for their participation in the ecosystem. Arguably the sector is really just getting started and will take more education to end-users before any steps toward mass adoption can occur.

Features of the App

AirWire represents the first iteration of an NFT camera built directly into an application and claims to be ‘light years’ ahead of the competition. Moreover, the platform’s simple-to-use interface means users do not need any prior experience in coding or even blockchain. Simply point, click, mint, and sell. 

The native marketplace provides users with a platform to buy, trade, and sell their creations and with no gas fees, the platform promises zero cost minting. Furthermore, users can move their NFT creations to whichever platform they choose. Making the NFTs fully interoperable and highly usable from the get-go. 

NFTs & Digital Ownership 

According to the DappRadar Q2 Industry Report, those NFTs that provide owners with an added value or utility appear to be gaining steam. Virtual pieces of land and NFTs that unlock DeFi capabilities are becoming rapidly appreciated. The ceiling for metaverses, play-to-earn games, and the gamification of DeFi are higher than ever. In comparison to Q1, the number of sales spiked by 111.46%, while the daily average of unique wallets increased by 151.86%. Reaching more people is the path to mass adoption. Play-to-earn games, led by Axie Infinity are a key driver on this surge. With more than 62,000 unique wallets in the last 30 days, it appears that a wider, more mainstream audience has finally arrived. 

For celebrities, the platform represents an immense opportunity to control their branding, creative output, and most importantly, their revenue streams directly. We have already seen major personalities dipping their toes into the NFT space this year and it will be fascinating to see how far they can take it throughout the remainder of 2021 and if apps like AirWire can find their audience amongst the noise.  

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