NFT Worlds to Create Reward Pool for Gaming Projects

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Projects gain access to the reward pool by staking tokens

NFT Worlds plans to introduce the Play to Earn Faucet, which distributes rewards to players active in various game worlds. World creators gain access to different faucet tiers by staking predefined amounts of WRLD tokens. They announced these plans in a newly updated roadmap.


The WRLD Play to Earn Faucet

NFT Worlds lets developers create play-to-earn games in a Minecraft-based virtual world. Developers will be able to tap into a rewards pool by staking a certain amount of WRLD tokens. NFT Worlds will introduce tiers, and higher tiers come with a bigger reward pool for that particular world. The staked WRLD will serve as collateral to prevent world owners from misusing their token reward allocation. 

Over the past few months we’ve seen NFT Worlds making big moves. The land parcels were once distributed for free but now sell for 9.6 ETH or more than $30,000. The project introduced NFT staking for landowners and the ability to rent out worlds to each other for a set price. At the same time, players get to experience play-and-earn mechanics without worrying about gas fees. Each of the worlds supports cross-platform multiplayer gameplay, and the team introduced many more features. 

According to the roadmap document, NFT Worlds has already attracted more than 55,000 players to its servers. These players have earned a combined amount of 500,000 WRLD tokens for their game activities. That’s over $124,000 at the time of writing, or an average of $2,25 per player. These gamers don’t need to learn anything new because NFT Worlds uses the framework of Minecraft. This means that gamers play in familiar territory while having fun and earning tokens. 

More attention for WRLD

The team at NFT Worlds has plans to overthrow their tokenomics. Instead of 50% of the entire WRLD token supply, only 35% will go to play-to-earn rewards. They will use the other 15% to get the token listed on centralized exchanges. However, they didn’t mention any names. This process should be completed by the end of June.  

To create a healthier economy, the team will introduce staking options. By staking or locking away WRLD, participants will earn both WRLD and veWRLD. The veWRLD or vote escrowed WLRD token serves as a governance token, but can also be used to earn exclusive in-game items. Furthermore, players can also stake WRLD on a specific world to help them meet the earlier mentioned faucet requirements. The rewards will depend on the performance of that particular world. The team at NFT Worlds expects to share more detail on WRLD sinks before the end of April.

NFT Worlds moving towards a $100 million 

In October 2021 NFT Worlds distributed its lands for free. Since that time the project has seen $81.8 million in trading volume, outperforming older projects like Mooncats. At the same time, NFT Worlds is quickly increasing its position in the all-time NFT Collection rankings. At the current rate, NFT Worlds should enter the top 50 and surpass Kaiju Kingz and Hashmasks before the end of the month. In May the Minecraft-based virtual worlds will likely break the $100 million barrier. This would bring NFT Worlds into the territory of topnotch blockchain projects. 

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