Gucci Partners With NFT Superstars Janky & Guggimon

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Will the duo now become Janky and Guccimon?

Superplastic, the home of NFT superstars Janky and Guggimon, has announced a partnership with fashion brand Gucci. Details about the partnership are missing, but it fits the narrative of established brands working with crypto-native projects to establish themselves in the metaverse.

Superplastic is a web3-native fashion company and creator of digi-physical toys and apparel. With Janky and Guggimon the digital fashion house has their own mascots, which spawned an NFT collection in collaboration with auction house Christie’s earlier this year. The floor price is currently 0.425 ETH for Janky #1373.

For those unfamiliar with the concept. Janky and Guggimon aren’t television or video game characters. These two rebels are virtual influencers. They have adventures in social media or through other platforms and their fans join them for the ride. Janky and Guggimon follow the idea that an influencer doesn’t need to be physical in order to influence. Think about virtual pop star Lil Miquela, the rock band The Gorillaz, the Bored Ape band Kingship and the list goes on.

Janky and Guggimon NFT hype

The news of the partnership with Gucci boosted the trading activity for the Janky Heist NFT collection. In the past 24 hours NFT traders spent $5,42 million on 3,563 collectibles. This gives Janky Heist the 7th spot among all NFT collections in the chart over the past 24 hours.

Gucci is definitely not the first fashion brand to jump into NFTs. Earlier this year we’ve seen Burberry work with the game Blankos Block Party. This month Adidas partnered with Gmoney, Punk Comics and Bored Ape Yacht Club, while Nike acquired RTFKT Studios, the company behind the CloneX NFT collection.

In August we already wrote an article about digital fashion as the next frontier in the metaverse. In the virtual world of Decentraland users can acquire digital wearables for thousands of dollars, because they’ve been designed by a popular NFT artist. At the same time even Coca Cola has wearables inside Decentraland. This just shows that fashion in the digital realm is coming, and perhaps we will soon learn more about Janky and Guccimon.

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