NFT Highlights – DigiDaigaku Sells for $260,940 and Otherside Sales Shoot Up 128%

nft sales highlights - digidaigaku sells for $260,940 and otherside sales rocket 128%

DappRadar’s NFT Sales Highlights from October 17th to 24th, 2022

DigiDaigaku #1623 sold on October 19th for 200 ETH. NFTs from the project got a boost from two pieces of news. The first is that DigiDaigaku is linking up with a brand new partner for an exclusive collaboration. The second is that Limit Break has paid lots of money for some expensive advertising space. 

Otherdeeds for Otherside have seen a sharp increase in sales count this week as buyers snapped up the land plots in Yuga Labs’ virtual world. The number of trades increased by 127.56% to 1,609 as cheaper ETH prices opened the door for whales to increase their holdings.

DigiDaigaki Castaways partnership and Super Bowl ad space

It’s been a good week filled with big news for the DigiDaigaku project. First, Limit Break announced its purchase of a 30-second ad space for $6.5 million during the halftime interval of Super Bowl LVII. The game will take place in February 2023 and will be watched by millions of fans worldwide.

‘People remembered those ads for years,’ said Gabe Leydon, cofounder of Limit Break, in an interview with GamesBeat. ‘I don’t believe anyone has done something quite like what we are planning in a Super Bowl commercial.’ Bullish talk and even extravagant ad payments probably have people thinking DigiDaigaku is a project worth investing in.

The expensive NFT in question is DigiDaigaku #1632. It’s worth noting that the seller got the digital asset for free, so the 200 ETH price tag ($260,940) is pure profit. Following the trade, the NFT moved between various wallets before ending up in this one. #1632 has Moth & Flames traits, which it shares with only 0.05% of other items in the collection.

DigiDaigaku #1632 sold for 200 ETH

The NFT project also announced its link-up with viral gaming success Castaways. It’s ‘a sandbox game where you are castaway to a small remote island where you must work with others to survive and build a thriving new civilization.’ The floor price for Castaways Rafts is currently 25 ETH and 5.19 ETH for Islands.

DigiDaigaku x Castaways collaboration

The extremely confident sentiment currently coming from the DigiDaigaku project is probably why floor prices for the collection are up and one item sold for 200 ETH. Anyone giving people good news in a generally downbeat climate will usually get their fair share of followers.

Otherside land prices are down but sales are up

Despite floor prices, average sale prices and its market cap all going down by over 10%, Otherside land sales have increased by 127.56%. This puts the collection at number five in DappRadar’s NFT Rankings.

DappRadar’s Top NFT Collections

Intriguingly, while prices continue to plummet, trading volumes and sales counts have gone through the roof. This shows us that demand is going up for assets that continue to depreciate in value. It begs the question: what do some people know that everyone else doesn’t? 

Looking at the profiles of some of the big purchasers, we can see that lots of huge Otherside whales are buying up more Otherside territory while the stock is depressed. These are the true believers who think Yuga Labs will eventually create a virtual world that rules over a big part of tomorrow’s metaverse.

This person goes by the ENS Domain of metadantes.eth. We can look at their wallet using DappRadar’s Portfolio tracker and can see that they hold 42 Otherside NFTs, worth an estimated 57.87 ETH according to our NFT Value Estimator. Go to the NFT Financial View tab and you’ll see that we think the value of their Otherside assets has fallen by 94.95%. Metadantes.eth is clearly banking on a price surge at some point in the future.

The owner of this wallet also purchased more Otherside land while the prices are down. It puts their Otherside holdings up to 335 NFTs worth an estimated 461.62 ETH. Considering the hype surrounding Yuga Labs’ virtual world when it launched in April this year, it seems most people have given up on the idea quite quickly while a select few see a bright future further in the distance.

Check out the list of NFT Sales Highlights

N.B. Dollar values given are correct at the time of the sale.

  1. CryptoPunk #9476 – $487,830 / 370 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  2. DigiDaigaku #1632 – $260,940 / 200 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  3. V1 Punk #6915 – $235,880 / 180 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  4. CryptoPunk #3866 – $199,320 / 149 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  5. Fidenza #206 – $161,860 / 122.28 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  6. Bored Ape Yacht Club #8477 – $157,460 / 120.61 WETH – Owner’s Wallet
  7. CryptoPunk #2189 – $156,080 / 122 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  8. Fidenza #911 – $154,510 / 119 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  9. Bored Ape Yacht Club #488 – $142,680 / 111 ETH – Owner’s Wallet
  10. Bored Ape Yacht Club #8 – $141,250 / 110 ETH – Owner’s Wallet

The biggest NFT sale of the week

Unsurprisingly, a CryptoPunk sits at the top of the pile with the highest sale price over the past week. The OG collection continues to hold value in an uncertain macroeconomic environment. This wallet bought CryptoPunk #9476 before moving it immediately to this wallet. The previous owner also made a tidy profit on the Punk, making 255 ETH. In dollar value, when we adjust for the changes in ETH price, the profit was around £209,000.

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